Who Are We?

We are a digital travel library filled with curious content. We create, explore and bring content to you that speaks volumes of different types of unconventional and unorthodox modes of travelling. When people ask, “who are we?”, we reply, “seekers, explorers and adventurers”.

As we are naturally curious, we share the curiosity with the fellow nomads.

We publish travels guides, snippets, bucket list ideas and experiences of people who love travelling while helping readers find a sense of belonging and read about the joy of travelling.

Seek the unexplored, be a nomad and spread your art of travelling.

A Mixed Nerve
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What Makes Us Different?

Our mission is to provide easy accessibility of all the information required at any given moment for the nomads.

Our sole purpose in creating this travel blog was to provide insights into the world of nomads. When we say a lot of people are travelling as nomads and are into unconventional travel methods, it still falls below 1% of the population.

The reasons are many. One of the prominent includes lack of insights into the world of unconventional travelling.

We are visionary and when we say we want to see more nomads than tourists, we mean it.

Why Are We Curious?

There is so much to see and explore that our dreams fall short of imagination. The fiction within us and the ability to experience our wild imagination makes us curious. In a world full of different cultures, colours, places, adventures, art, linguistics, living styles and wild nature, it is necessary for us (nomads) to be curious. It is the only way to suffice our hunger of seeing and exploring the world in our ways.

Art of Nomads is about explorations of people & nomadic lifestyles while enjoying all virtues of travelling & defining who we are.

Read On & Enjoy!

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