9 Adventurous Things To Do In Switzerland

9 Adventurous Things To Do In Switzerland

Surrounded by snowcapped white mountains and green pastures on the other side, one can also call Switzerland an adventurous destination. Fly in the sky to dive into cold water are some of the adventurous things to do in Switzerland. Switzerland offers various sports throughout the year, which bring zeal to your trip.

Experience Switzerland as an adventurer

Paraglide at Lauterbrunnen

9 Adventurous Things To Do In Switzerland
Paragliding in the Alps

The adventurous sport of paragliding at Lauterbrunnen gives you the experience of floating over the Swiss alps. Experienced pilot makes the flight feel easier and safe. Additionally, the service at Lauterbrunnen allows you to enjoy the wonderful panorama of spectacular mountains framing the launch pad.

Jumping off the ground, you will feel the big glider gently pulling you and your pilot up into the air. The soft breeze touches your skin as you open your arms to fly. The overwhelming feeling of literally flying in between breathtaking mountains, valleys and by the waterfalls will make your heart warm. 

Paragliding can be done in almost all weather conditions except rain.

Hiking in the Jungfrau region

9 Adventurous Things To Do In Switzerland
Hiking is bliss

Apart from being the most beautiful mountain area in the whole Alps region, Jungfrau Region is also known for its adventurous hikes. The hike trails are perfectly signposted for travellers.

The streams running through the valleys and mountain lakes make the hike appear heavenly. The trail brings you to the typical definition of a Swiss village. The small villages sprawled across the valleys with swiss cows grazing grass beside their old wooden stables. 

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Skydive In Interlaken

Skydive over the Alps | Image Courtesy – skydiveinterlaken.ch

Surrounded by the natural beauty of two alpine lakes and the swiss alps, Interlaken is also known as the adventure capital of Switzerland. One of the most thrilling things you can do to witness this valley, pristine lake, and snow-capped alps is Skydive. 

The free fall at over 120 miles per hour over 14000 ft. Flying above in the sky, you can tick off the skydiving in Switzerland from your adventurous bucket list.

The skydive experience starts at 9 am and takes 3-4 hours for every individual from arrival to smooth landing. The adventure ride is made very comfortable with the exemplary service and trained instructors.

Biking in Swiss Alps

Alps Biking | Image Courtesy – mountainbikeworldwide.com

Biking in the mountains of the Swiss Alps is one of the most adventurous things to do in Switzerland. The mountain bike on the single trails through the Alps along the hills across the entire country of Switzerland. Accompanied by valleys and lakes, Switzerland has every route to fall in love with while biking. 

Many bike tour has been organised, such as the Trans-Graubünden mountain bike tour. They plan out a trail where you can ride through the beautiful region on high mountain passes, descending through alpine forest to lush valley floors. They can also take trains to get farther into the mountains to experience true wilderness riding in Switzerland.

The icy trail at night calls for a break. Stay in a tent after the bike ride and wake up to watch the sunrise over the mountains immersed into incredible light.

Go skiing in Zermatt

Skiing in Zermatt

Where else can you enjoy skiing and snowboarding 365 days a year? Zermatt is one of the best-developed and most spacious ski resorts in the world, thanks to its assured snowfall.

Zermatt includes three main mountains, each with a distinct character. The diversity and beauty of the Zermatt area amuse the skier. To say the scenery is incredible is understating it. Zermatt is also the highest lift point in Western Europe. The skiing is available every day of the year is beyond amazing.

Zermatt provides facilities of luxurious resorts to make the experience more leisure. Skiing is indeed the checklist in todos of adventurous sports.

Walk at European’s highest suspension bridge

Titlis Cliff Walk | Image Courtesy – theactivetimes

Built at around 9800f above sea level, the Titlis Cliff Walk is a pedestrian bridge. The bridge is along the cliff of Mount Titlis and spans a distance of approximately 100m. It is constructed over a period of five months. The bridge is designed to withstand winds that reach over 190km/hr and significant snowfall. 

Also, the 40-minute ascent to the walk involves three cable car rides which are as spectacular as the walk itself. The ‘Titlis Cliff Walk’ gives you an adrenaline rush as you step up to cover the distance of 150 steps and revel the stunning mountain scenery. Finally, there is a pause to drink in the view where one musters the courage to walk back after stopping to capture at the end of the pathway.

Road cycle in Valais

Apart from mountain biking, the road cycle in Valais over mountain passes is one of the adventurous things to do in Switzerland. The tour operators guide through different routes, leading to vineyards, valleys, or panoramic roads over impressive passes. Moreover, there is something for everyone, be it a leisure ride or race ride.

It would not be wrong to say that travelling by bike would be the best way to experience Valais. Meanwhile, the ride allows riders to choose their route and pace.

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9 Adventurous Things To Do In Switzerland

Ride a jet boat in Interlaken

Are you looking for an unforgettable adventure on the water? Experience an excursion on the Jetboat amid t the stunning alpine and natural scenery. The ride starts with jet port staff introducing you to the place and assigning you a place in the boat. Finally, the captain of the boat briefs about the ride as your bot turns into high speeds and sharp turns.

Both young and old guests can enjoy thrilling 360° turns as they cruise along stunning turquoise waters. The ride through the marvel stunning mountain scenery and the breathtaking natural beauty during the tour. This soft adventure activity promises impressive scenery, a unique lake experience, and just the right amount of adrenaline.

Go canyoning in the Région Dents du Midi

Canyoning is a water sport where participants walk, scramble, climb, jump, abseil and swim down a canyon filled with flowing water. More ver, jumping and sliding through a rushing river is some of the coolest experiences. Beautiful lakes are complementary to dramatic twists and turns. It offers breathtaking views during sliding and jumping. Champéry, the Chavalet River is a perfect spot for canyoning from all the places for the beginner.

Adding these adventurous sports, skiing, skydiving, biking etc., brings thrill, zeal and energy to your trip to Switzerland. In other words, the adrenaline rush of doing all these increases the excitement of the journey.