7 Most Scenic Road Trips in Australia

road trips in australia

Road Tripping is one of the most desirable ways to explore Australia. In fact, road tripping around Australia has become a modern-day rite of passage. If you are wondering why is that so, that’s because road trips in Australia are some of the most exotic in the world and are a must for any traveller. If you’re searching for adventure or leisure, driving through this vast landmass will keep your eyes occupied with its variety of landscapes and wildlife.

During your trip, no matter if it is short or long, there’s so much to see that choosing where to go can be overwhelming.

Well, do not fret about it, as we have shortlisted the very best ones to help you hit the road.

Road trips in Australia that riders enjoy

1. The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

road trips in australia
The Great Ocean Road View
Distance- 243 kms

The Great Ocean Road is a 243km stretch of road along with one of the world’s most scenic coastlines. Located just a few hours drive from Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road was famously built by soldiers returning home from the war. With lush rainforests, dramatic cliffs, and stunning beaches, it’s not hard to see why it quickly became a tourist hot spot. The road snakes through mountainous terrain, rainforests, and past iconic landmarks such as the Twelve Apostles limestone stack formations. This scenic route offers tourists the chance to venture off the beaten track and away from the tourist trail. Make stops along the way to explore the Otway National Park, Booderee National Park, and the Great Otway National Park.

2. Heritage Highway, Tasmania

Heritage Highway, Tasmania | Image Courtesy – The Guardian
Distance: 197 kms

Convict gangs created the historic route between Hobart and Launceston in the early 1800s, and it was formerly a popular hangout for highway robbers. There is no need to travel to this location at this time. Aside from the picturesque towns and villages of Longford (Evandale), Cressy (Cressy), and Perth (Perth), the verdant landscape and gourmet cuisine, as well as vacations in historic cottages, are also major draws. You may easily extend your road trip to a few days with a few pit breaks along the way.

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At the Heritage Highway Museum and Visitors Centre in Campbell Town, you may learn more about the area’s history.

3. Grand Pacific Drive

road trips in australia
Grand Pacific Drive | Image Courtesy – timeout.com
Distance: 410 kms

From Sydney to the Victorian border, the Grand Pacific Drive follows the coast for 410 kilometres. Additionally, it comprises Port Macquarie and Port Macquarie’s surrounding beach towns of Swansea, Lilli Pilli, and Kiama. Hiking, surfing, kayaking, and seeing whales and dolphins are popular pastimes.

4. Great Alpine Road

Great Alpine Road | Image Courtesy – eumarellah.com.au
Distance: 268kms

Starting from Wangaratta, Victoria, the Great Alpine Road winds through the country’s snowfields to the border of NSW. It encompasses the quaint villages of Bright, Mt Buffalo, and Myrtleford and the historic gold-mining towns of Beechworth and Yackandandah. This drive is perfect for the adventurer at heart and is a great way to explore some lesser-known parts of the country.

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5. Gibb River Road, Western Australia

road trips in australia
Gibb River Road, Western Australia | Image Courtesy – kimberleycruiseescapes.com.au
Distance: 850kms

The Gibb River Road cuts through the wild Kimberley region in Western Australia. This remote track takes you past cascading waterfalls, freshwater gorges, and exotic wildlife. It is a bucket-list item for 4WD enthusiasts and road trip junkies alike, and there are plenty of places to camp along the way.

6. Eyre Highway, South Australia

road trips in australia
Eyre Highway, South Australia | Image Courtesy – unusualplaces.org
Distance: 1,365kms

The Eyre Highway runs along the beautiful coast of South Australia and through the outback of SA and the Northern Territory. The road passes through some of the country’s most remote towns, including Coober Pedy, Port Augusta, and Woomera. The Eyre Peninsula is home to stunning geological formations like the Painted Desert and giant salt basins. If wildlife is your thing, you’ll also spot plenty of emus, kangaroos, and crocodiles.

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7. The Savannah Way, Queensland

road trips in australia
The Savannah Way, Queensland | Image Courtesy – biglapbible.com.au
Distance: 3300km

The Savannah Way is a 3,300 km road that takes you from Cairns to Broome. It takes you through Australia’s most remote and exciting places, including wetlands, Aboriginal communities and sandy beaches.

Get ready to hit the road with these ideas of road trips in Australia.

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