Switzerland Budget Trip: All You Need To Know

Isn’t it ironic? The whole idea of Switzerland Budget Trip? The country is one of the most beautiful places and on top of everyone’s bucket list. Snow-capped mountains, clear blue water and beautiful cities make it an escape from the real world to fantasy. But it is also an expensive country to travel and explore. When you are tight on the budget, the high prices can be a real turn-off. This is a shame because Switzerland is a fantastic place to visit.

But if you plan the trip based on clever planning, proper timing and cost-cutting tricks, you can surely travel through the Alps and enjoy the countryside views the country provides.

When we talk about travelling, the three major travel costs are transportation, food and accommodation. Being apt with the choices can help you travel on a budget. So, here we have some tips for you to explore Switzerland on a budget.

Travel hacks to explore Switzerland on a budget trip

Avoid high season

The cold mornings, breathtaking views of green fields, ancient buildings, beautiful Switzerland is everything a traveller wants to explore.

Switzerland’s weather welcomes travellers and nature enthusiasts throughout the year.

So it would not be wrong to say that there is no wrong time to visit Switzerland.

But because visitors mostly come during holidays, the high seasons are summer and winter.

If the budget is tight on your pocket and you still want to hike over the beautiful snow-capped mountains at a low travel cost, spring and fall is your time.

It is the best time when you can get most of your money by staying at a cheaper price and surrounded by fewer travellers.

Your Switzerland budget trip depends a lot on your time of visit. Make sure you visit in the time of offseason for tourist activities.

Avoid staying in the major Swiss cities

Switzerland is everything, from a shopping hub to a heavenly land surrounded by beautiful landscapes. There are many benefits of staying in major cities, convenient travelling ways, access to many options. But if you are tight on budget and want to visit Switzerland on a postcard or calendar, the natural beauty is far away from cities. One can travel outside the cities via train and experience the stay of wonderland. Apart from being cheaper, it is also a homely feeling of staying between the green land surrounded by the beautiful white mountains.

How To Travel Switzerland On A Budget

Know your Switzerland travel pass

Swiss government provides a travel pass which allows you to discover Switzerland on a single ticket. It gives tempting unlimited rides to different cities. The pass could cost more to the pocket if not used at its full potential. A travel pass would only make sense when you are known to all your options. It is important to have a plan before investing the amount and increasing the travel cost.

Swiss travel pass

This travel pass is best when you have everything planned out and ready to be executed because of the unlimited travel ways, including bus, train and free access to museums.

Get more information here – Travel Pass

Swiss half travel pass

It allows travelling at half a price via train, buses and other public transport in more than 90 cities and towns of beautiful Switzerland.

Student pass

If you are under 18 or, in some cases, 26, you can have the student pass in Switzerland, which would allow you to travel and deduct travel costs simultaneously. 

Try Couchsurfing instead of hotels

In addition to discovering and strolling in new areas, people of those places become more intriguing to you as a traveller. It gives you a better sense of the people and the setting. Couchsurfing is an excellent method to meet people and save money simultaneously.

The expansion in the accommodation industry in Switzerland now gives an option where you can stay at someone’s place that too for free, eliminating the whole concept of accommodation from the travel cost.

Workaway is one of the options in Switzerland where you can help the host in some work for the barter of a room and food.

Apart from free accommodations, there are certainly other options that are remarkably less expensive and ask you to volunteer in homestays, Airbnb and hostels.

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Grab a free bike 

Some cities like Zurich, Geneva etc. of Switzerland through Schweizrollt offers you the chance to borrow bikes for free. All that is required is identity verification or a small safety deposit. 

Stick to free activities

Travelling on a shoestring in Switzerland may sound like a joke, but there are plenty of things that don’t cost a penny and will keep your wallet happy.

Hiking the Swizterland mountains

With the Alps making up two-thirds of Switzerland’s landmass, the hiking opportunities over here are endless. From all the hiking trails hiking to Layterbrunn Valley is one of the most beautiful things you can do in Switzerland.

Take a stop because you’re thirsty and savour the breathtaking vista as you journey through the forest and mountains while hiking.

How To Travel Switzerland On A Budget

Hey cheese

Cheese from Switzerland is renowned for its wonderful flavour. There are 450 varieties of cheese to choose from throughout the area.

Many cheese factories and marketplaces allow walking through freely throughout the land. The same applies to fresh cheese, which some producers offer visitors to sample for free.

Free walking tours

The heritage walks in different languages are offered in different cities for free. The walk is guided by the person known to the place who portrays the city’s history, locals, and art. It also helps to get closer to people around and learn how they live their life. These tours are mostly tip-based.

Visit free museums

One-third of the museums in Switzerland is open to visitors without a fee. You can find your favourite museum to walk across based on different interests. Also, if you own a travel pass, the museums do not charge you any further.

Take a tour to Swiss Parlimaent

The tours are planned for the parliament in different languages for the visitors. The tour takes place on regular days for an hour and is free of cost.

Swimming in beautiful lakes

The desire to jump into beautiful lakes and swim in the pockets of nature is a must in Switzerland. And swimming in them for free is a must in the to-dos list in your Switzerland budget trip.

Walk through historic towns

You can walk through the ancient and historical architectures and towns to interact with the beautiful art of ancient times and get to know the people and their culture.

The travel tips for your Switzerland budget trip will make your travel pocket friendly and give you insight into a raw country with beautiful nature on one side and historical architecture on the other.