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Surrounded by the ocean Australia is a gem in terms of beaches. The exotic beaches have much more to offer than the beautiful white sand and turquoise water. Beach is a place that brings calm and relaxation. With so many beaches around Australia, it would not be hard to find a quiet space of sand all to yourself. These Australia’s nicest beaches give a sense of relaxation and calmness.

The Basin ( Rottnest island)

nicest beaches of australia
Rottnest island

Your back lying to the soft sand as you look above to the cloudless sky dotting down to the shores. The Basin is crystal clear refreshing turquoise ocean water over white sand. It is one of the beaches in Australia is a popular picnic and swimming spot. The beach backed by pine trees provides shelter and soft sand to lie on. The beach is considered the most perfect natural swimming pool with an underwater playground. The platform and outer reefs feel calm as the shores gently wash over them.

Flaherty Beach

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The stunning beach at the Yorke Peninsula is perfect for families. The clear shallow water makes you forget the Maldives or boat trip in Thailand to see postcard clear waters. A bit of a hidden gem in South Australia Flaherty Beach is one of Australia best beaches.

The beach also allows cars but 4WDs are preferred. one can also bring their pet to this family picnic spot and enjoy the soft shores over the sane. The calm shallow water also makes it perfect to practice paddle boating.

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach Aerial View

Stretching over 7kms the White Haven beach feels serene with brilliant purest silica sand. The pure and pristine environment of the beach makes it feel warm to the heart as you dip down your toes inside the sand. Siting your feet as you feel the warm waves of turquoise ocean water gently tap the shore and you feel the sense of peace.

Whitehaven beach is everything you wish it to be from a day trip with ferries, yachts and luxury cruising boats to a warm peaceful time of serenity.

Wineglass Bay

nicest beaches of australia
Wineglass Bay

Considered among the beautiful beaches in Australia. Wineglass Bay is one of the top ten beaches in the world. Nestled in range and bordered with pink granite peaks Wineglass Bay forces you to pull out the camera to capture this wonder of nature.

A short walk from camping grounds at Coley Bay the Wineglass involves an uphill climb. There are many ways to reach the beach via walking, sailing or water taxi. The options make it convenient to reach the beautiful bay of turquoise coloured ocean.

Wineglass Bay is an ideal holiday destination that allows everything from kayaking, rock climbing, deep-sea fishing or even taking scenic helicopter flight.

Noosa Main Beach

nicest beaches of australia
Noosa Main Beach

It is one of the best Australian best beaches and also favourite tourist destinations. The beach offers calm water for a paddle with a haven of boutiques, restaurants, cafes and speciality stores.

This makes the waves smaller, the sand flatter, and a safe place for swimming all year. The Noosa Surf Lifesaving Club patrols the beach every day of the year. It is a good fishing location. This Australia’s nicest beach is also famous for eateries.

Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach

Known for its stunning sub-tropical colours and historic dunes, Rainbow Beach is a sight to behold.

Sink your toes into the golden sand, a real reflection of Queensland’s magnificent coastline.

With an average daily high of 28 degrees Celsius, it’s the ideal location for a beach vacation with plenty of time to swim. 23 kilometres of pristine, sun-kissed sand surrounded by lush vegetation and wildlife. The location is within a short distance from Fraser Island, making it a stunning find.

It’s still a pleasant and tranquil place to be on a daily basis.

Emily Bay

nicest beaches of australia
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The sparkling crystal clear water of EmilyBay feels very welcoming. The perfectly formed bay allows you to snorkel the reef or just enjoy the beautiful view.

The raft is also perfectly placed for jumping to clear turquoise water and whiling away blissfully for hours. Field with carol and marine life Emily Bay is said to be an ideal location for snorkelling wherein low tides you can swim around the neon-bright fish.

The offshore pontoon, known as the ‘raft’ is perfectly placed for jumping into the clear water and whiling away blissful hours.

Apart from the beautiful view, Emily Bay is part of the Kingston UNESCO World Heritage Site

Cable Beach

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Stretched in 22 km Cable Beach is a white sand beach in West Australia. Low cliffs of red ochre colours rise behind the very wide beach making it beautiful to the eyes. The waves of the beach are mostly gentle in dry seasons. The sun-kissed turquoise water beach gives one of the bay sunsets views.

There is a direct flight from major cities to the beach, as well as a short drive to get there. The beachfront accommodations are nothing short of a dream come true, with stunning ocean views to match. The Cable beach is a great place to take a boat ride and enjoy one of the most stunning sunsets on the planet.

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Byron Bay Beach

Bryon Beach

They don’t call it Main Beach for anything. It’s where it all happens in Byron Bay – well, most of it. Main Beach is one of Australia’s nicest beaches and is closest to town. Being most popular among all the beaches is the same as the postcard. The north-facing curves come with a popular surf break. Therefore led to an incredible sunset over turquoise water and white sand.

Bayron Bay Beach is clean and quiet. It is also very impressive how it is not overdeveloped

Avalon Beach

nicest beaches of australia
Avalon Beach

It is one of the beaches in Australia known for surfing. The north end is in excellent surfing condition. Strong shores break at times on the beach but the beach is great for swimming conditions.

Additionally, other facilities include a shady park, picnic and area for the skate park. Moreover, the shopping village is close by where one can find the surf shops, homeware boutiques, bookstores and joints serving seafood.

Hyams Beach

nicest beaches of australia
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Hyams Beach is a small beachfront town located around 180 kilometres south of Sydney. This Australian beach’s pristine white sands allow you to wiggle your toes and take in the scenery. In addition to snorkelling and scuba diving in the marine park’s crystal-clear waters, visitors can observe seals and dolphins in their natural habitat.

The best way to enjoy this beautify around is on foot. The walk is an easy hour-long walk pas splendid beach. The flocking of dolphins interests the visitors. The stays in Hyams Beach is also very serene around the white sand.