Life Of Travel And Work: Pisareva Kate, A Digital Nomad

Most of us take days off from our work in order to travel and once it’s over we are back to our daily routine of 9 to 5 life. Very few in this world get to break this loop. The ones who break the loop call themselves digital nomads. A digital nomad is someone who travels and works. As nomads, they travel regularly and make work and travel seem two sides of the same coin.

Pisareva Katerina is one of them who broke the loop. Born in Russia, she is a 22 years old web designer and digital nomad who fell in love with travelling when her parents used to take her on small trips abroad.

We got a chance to chat with her regarding her love for travel and how she manages travelling around the world besides being a web designer.

When did you get the idea of becoming a digital nomad?

Image Courtesy- Pisareva Kate

I started exploring different countries and fell in love with Argentina. Over there, I found a guy on Instagram, who was born in Argentina.

He was a digital nomad. He talked about the delights of the digital lifestyle. It encapsulated me so much that I considered it to be my way of living too.

By the way, after one year we met in Turkey and since then we travel together as a couple.

We have been to quite a few places and we are on the go always. We like this lifestyle and look forward to new experiences, we’d encounter in the coming times.

As a digital nomad, the minimalistic lifestyle gets me a lot.

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Do you plan to globetrot around the word being a digital nomad?

Of course, in my opinion, this is the goal of every digital nomad. Truth be told, with the current situation in the world it is quite difficult but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. There are many who have already been around the world and I hope to be one of them while enjoying different experiences altogether.

Is it challenging to be a web designer and a traveller at the same time? Does your work anytime hamper your travel plans?

The main thing is to be able to plan your time, so work never interferes with travel. I would say that work and travel complement each other, because as a designer I am constantly looking for inspiration for my projects, and travel inspires me the most.

Image Courtesy- Pisareva Kate

My work time to date has never interrupted my travel plans and I hope to keep this in the same fashion. The only time travel plans get hampered is if one is not having proper time management. I think I have achieved that quite well. Hope so it stays the same!

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digital nomad Pisareva Kate chilling in snowfall
Image Courtesy- Pisareva Kate

Any travel memory, which you will never forget?

Our trip to Argentina. I had planned to fly to Argentina for a long time, and finally, I was flying to the country of my dreams to see all the beauties of nature.

But upon arrival, I had a weekly quarantine, and after that, I found out I had caught Covid, which meant another week of quarantine.

After that, my boyfriend got covid and our quarantine was extended for one more week. In general, 3 weeks of quarantine, which I will never forget. Covid has ruined so many plans.

It is not just us. Many other digital nomads that we are connected with. They too talk about the same. It is a relief that we are not in this alone.

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Did the pandemic have any effect on your travel plans?

digital nomad Pisareva Kate
Image Courtesy- Pisareva Kate

Certainly, many places are closed to the public or foreigners.

In Croatia, I practically did not see anything, because even the cafes in the old town were closed.

I also had to cancel tickets several times, as the entry rules to some countries changed and I could not enter there.

I also have a Russian vaccine, which Europe does not accept, so the path to Europe is not valid for me.

Covid hit hard on the habitual way of life.

What do you want to say to the fellow travellers who want to travel the world being a digital nomad?

digital nomad Pisareva Kate
Image Courtesy- Pisareva Kate

I want to say that nothing is impossible. The main thing is not to be afraid to take the first step. I was a student from a small town in Siberia, from a family with a low income.

But one day I decided to change the boring stable lifestyle for vivid emotions and adrenaline.

I started learning languages, web design programs and I managed to change my life for the better.

One thing I have believed and kept faith in is that if you pursue what you want, you will eventually get there. Don’t lose hope midway.

Also, as a digital nomad, you’d face difficulties but take them as inspiration that there’s something better on the other side and all you have to do is jump the hurdle with patience and perseverance.

I have learnt that travel life is fun, exciting, emotional and with loads of learning. I enjoy every single day as a new one. Simple pleasures!

Follow Pisareva’s journey on Instagram! Also, if you are in search of a web designer, make sure you visit her website, Pisarevadesigns.