Fagradalsfjall Volcano Hike: Everything You Need To Know

Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Have your thoughts wandered to the ‘Liquid Rock’? Very hostile in nature, eruptions are rare events. The potentially destructive force is not the same for every volcano. Some spew ashes far up into the sky while other pumps out molten magma. All the concepts of sheer power make it extremely fascinating. Talking about Iceland Fagradalsfjall Volcano, one of the active volcanoes, brought me back to school days when we made volcanoes and faked the eruption of lava. Imagine lava rockets out of the crater’s maw, and the crackling firecracker sound reaches your ear. Even from the hundred feet, you feel the heat and air seems to shimmer, and your existence feels smaller in front of this giant magic of nature. Fagradalsfjall volcano hike is an adventure-based approach to seeing nature’s wrath underneath the Earth crust.

Is Fagradalsfjall Volcano Active?

On 19th March 2021, the Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted after lying dormant for 800 years. The effusive eruption at the volcano has remained mostly calm since 18th September, the day it became the country’s longest eruption in 50 years. But scientists say it’s too early to call the eruption over. On 30th December 2021, the activity slowed down around the volcano as the seismic wave slowed. 

“What we saw in Fagradalsfjall could just have been the first chapter of a long story. The story could have several more chapters, but we don’t know,” said Barsotti.

Latest news of Fagradalsfjall Location

Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Can You Hike Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Fagradaksfjall Volcano Eruption of Iceland is also called “tourist eruption”. What were your thoughts as a kid regarding the eruption? The reflex and sensible action would be going far away from shimmering hot air and molten lava. Still, Fagradalsfjall Volcano has become a significant tourist attraction, with more than 350,000 visitors, according to the Icelandic Tourist Board? It is because of how easily accessible it is to tourists. The eruption site turned out to be pretty safe with the proper precautions to take notice of hot lava and gas. The voluntary search and rescue teams also ensure safety at the site.

Iceland is known to experience four seasons in a day and the difference in weather up after the hike compared to the coastal area. Hence every visitor has to wait for the right weather conditions to be visible. If the volcano is quiet, the freshly made lava formations, new crater, and scorched surrounds are a dramatic sight on their own and a popular destination.

So indeed, you can be part of the famous Iceland Fagradalsfjall Volcano Hike.

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Fagradalsfjall Volcano

How long is the hike to the Fagradalsfjall Volcano?

How to reach the starting point?

Conveniently, one can easily reach Iceland’s newest volcano from Reykjavík in less than an hour. It’s even closer to Keflavík Airport, in about 20 minutes. The starting point has made numerous parking for the incoming tourists, making it easier when you plan to bring your car.

What is the distance of the hike?

The total hike distance is around 5miles. Because there are now more than three routes, the distance is minimal.

How much time does it take to reach?

There are various routes to reach the endpoint, which changes according to the eruption. But it generally takes around 3-4 hours to reach for the hiker.

How difficult is the hike?

The difficulty of the hike is moderate. The start is easy, which gets strenuous after passing the lava field. The trail consists of loose gravel, rocks, and small boulders; hence hiking shoes is advised to be worn.

Fagradalsfjall Volcano
Fagradalsfjall Volcano

The hike to Fagradalsfjall Volcano is said to be magical by many hikers. They become part of an adventurous ride as they tie their boots and start the hike on the newly widened gravel path.

You can witness the bright orange lava sprayed into dark grey air as you get closer. The volcano looks asleep with the main crater. Even when the volcano is not erupting or active, you can witness new rocks formed and brilliant lava rivers, which look like a spider web’s delicate strings.

The visitors noted that the hike did not require any guides. There are many planned packages for it. One can buy these travel packages via the internet or by locals.

What are the safety precautions I must take?

The appropriate authority is responsible for the hiker’s safety. Icelandic Coast Guard members watch and issue alerts in an emergency. However, there are a few things you need to keep an eye on for your protection.

  • Iceland experiences four season in one day. Hence it is important to check the weather before hand. Check the weather here.
  • You should wear sturdy hiking shoes to help you balance on the uneven rocky trails.
  • It is very important to wear warm and waterproof clothing with hiking boots.
  • The hike is to the natural magnificant powerful volcano hence it is important to be mentally and physically prepare for any threat.

Fagradalsfjall Volcano in Iceland, silent in today’s date, indeed comes under the adventurous checklist where you hike up to see the orange spider web of lava, the frozen, dried lava paving into a trail as you witness the new rock formation. The hike is safe and adventurous and needs a place in your checklist.