20 Best Countries To Travel On A Budget

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Travelling can get expensive. When those days add up and the hotel bills pile up, all those delicious food that you tried suddenly gets covered over with guilt. But, it doesn’t always have to be that way. The best solution to travel on a budget is to find a great destination that could fit into your budget in the first place. Planning is definitely key and it starts with finding the right location to travel to.

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Here are a few countries you can visit without worrying too much about your finances.

Top Places to Travel on a Budget

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

It is one of the cheapest countries to visit. A beach destination, this is a place with a lot of fun-filled activities from diving, to elephant safaris to whale watching. If you are travelling on a budget, you must be mindful of the activities you would like to explore as it can turn expensive or cheap depending on you. You can enjoy the amazing tropical weather on pristine beaches that are clean or you can explore the mountains and peaks of Nuwara Eliya. Srilanka offers it all! Some of the destinations that you can plan to visit include Galle Road in Galle, Light House in Colombo, Tooth temple in Kandy, Dutch Museum in Colombo and the mountains of Nuwara Eliya (to name a few).


Countries to travel on a budget: Taj Mahal

Another most important destination in India – with its beaches, enchanting backwaters, hill stations, deserts and landscapes, this is a region that can be explored if you wish to travel for a long period but on a budget. Temples, mountains, beaches, caves, what more can a tourist demand for and that too all in one destination – India! There are many easy-to-access, cheap places to visit in India that offer as memorable a trip as an exotic destination. Based on your interests there are destinations to choose from; for instance, if you seek spiritually oriented places, apart from some of the major temples you have Pushar, Kashi, Varanasi etc. On the other hand, if you prefer to visit beaches, you have goa or Pondichery and if it is mountains, you have the Himalayas or hills stations like Kodaikanal, Nilgiris, Ooty etc.


Countries to travel on a budget: Vietnam

One of the other most feasible and low-cost destinations in South-East Asia is Vietnam. It is a destination that backpackers and budget-conscious travellers enjoy. This place offers a wide range of activities, attractions, and local delicacies at a fraction of the price. However, like many other such destinations, this place is not free from scams and inflated prices. Hence it is always better to be mindful while visiting.

The most popular cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City has five-star hotels, clubs and rooftop bars. Vietnamese food is another attraction for tourists. Rice, noodles, seafood and meat are all cooked in fresh herbs and greens. This place is an attraction not to be missed!



To stand in front of the gigantic Himalayas is a dream for any tourist. This is what Nepal has to offer and that too is on a low budget. Walking trails in lush forests, exploring the grandeur of Nepal and all on a budget, make it a very popular destination. Trekking to Mount Everest or trekking on Annapurna region, Staying in Katmandu and having yummy vegetarian food, apart from having fun, visiting bars all at cheap rates, this is Nepal! The only aspect noteworthy is the visa requirements. Almost all countries require a visa to travel to Nepal.


Countries to travel on a budget: Philippines

An island nation that has over 7000 islands, with a beautiful coastline and friendly people, is a country quite diverse with over one hundred different ethnic groups, a large international influence, and a Spanish/Latin twist.  a beautiful, tropical destination. It has some great opportunities for scuba diving, wildlife spotting, and festival viewing.  A beautiful, tropical destination with great opportunities for scuba diving, wildlife spotting, it also provides opportunities to enjoy adventure sports. The Philippines is a cheap travel destination with the richest biodiversity and the best wildlife. Food is another major attraction and there are many local establishments where you can have local food at affordable prices.



A massive archipelago of over 17,000 islands, this island nation offers a great natural environment and a diversity of cultures, traditions, and ethnic groups. With pristine islands, orangutans in the wild, volcanoes, and visit ancient historical sites, this island nation is truly special. As Indonesia is a chain of islands, transport from one island to another is sometimes a challenge. However, there are many ferries to take you across at cheap rates. A backpackers paradise, this destination offers you budget-friendly accommodations and food. 


Countries to travel on a budget: Thailand

A picturesque land of the Elephants, this country has a number of elephant sanctuaries that attracts a lot of family tourists. Children get to learn a lot about elephants through experience. Apart from this Thailand is famous for its ‘Thai Cuisine’. Rich, fresh and delicious, you can explore it in all its varieties at budget rates. Apart from these, Thailand is famous for the Museum of Siam and Khao Sok National Park. Weekend markets are another major attraction for shoppers both locals and tourists alike. Thailand has a lot of vacation packages that are well worth the money for a perfect family holiday. Even the hotels and accommodation are of high quality at a reasonable price.


Countries to travel on a budget: Myanmar

Myanmar is one of the least visited tourist destinations. It is an ideal international site, that is inexpensive and offers flights, accommodation and food at competitive prices. Yangon is the first destination on every list. There are cheap hotels and hostels which are popular for backpackers & solo travellers travelling on a budget. Mandalay, Inke Lake, Hsipaw are some of the other amazing travel destinations. Travelling is safe here. It is a country of tradition, culture and history. Pagodas seem scattered all over the landscape. The country also boasts stunning natural landscapes and tourist-friendly beaches.


Countries to travel on a budget

A destination that caters to tourists of all tastes, this country offers you adventure, culture, gastronomy and much more on a budget. If the sun is what you crave along with the view of the Magdalena River, this destination is the most amazing.  With the unblemished beauty of its surroundings, rare species of wild animals, beautiful landscapes, Colombia should unquestionably be your next vacation destination. Colombian food is full of flavours, colours, and comfort. Land of coffee, the famous Columbian coffee is produced in the small town of Mompox. A low-cost journey to a destination that offers the best of architecture, culture and natural landscapes!

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With low-cost travel packages, guest houses for tourists, this is undoubtedly one of the affordable tourist destinations. With a relaxed atmosphere and a chilled-out population, Laos also offers an exceptionally low cost of travel. Towns across Laos can be easily reached on foot. There are tuk-tuks that work as taxis and fares can be negotiated. Nestled in Southeast Asia, Laos is known for its spectacular landscape, lofty mountains, lush jungles, glistening rice fields and tea leaves covering the mountain surface. With ancient Buddhist caves, rich cultural heritage, cafe culture, this destination provides a calming experience.



This has to be on everybody’s travel bucket lists! There are so many things to do here and you can quite easily have an adventure trip on a budget. One of the most fun things to do is to explore and hunt through medinas. Medinas are a combination of a residential area, shopping centre and food market. However, be careful with Fez Medina. It is known to be a little unsafe.

Apart from this, the most popular place to visit in the country is Marrakesh. This visit could be expensive, according to what you would like to do here. But Marrakesh is considered to be a perfect blend of Moroccan and international culture. You can witness exotic performers on the streets, tattoo artists, musicians and needless to say brilliant food.


blue and orange building

Taiwan can easily become a favourite and so is one of the best places to travel on a budget. It truly is a beautiful place.

The cities are, of course, famous for their street food. You can get yourself plates of food at a really cheap price. This is probably the selling point of the food here – delicious and cheap!

People also respect Taiwan for its modern innovations in architecture. For example, the Taipei 101. It was the tallest building in the world, before Burj Khalifa. There are plenty of restaurants, offices and bars inside this building.

Taiwan also has wonderful landscapes that will take your breath away.


people standing on corner road near concrete buildings during daytime

Mexico is another spot for adventure travel on a budget. The country is abundant with rich nature, as well as culture. Unfortunately, the country is not known for its safety and so you must keep caution at all times.

What is great in Mexico? Mexican food. You can eat tacos, quesadillas, tortillas for the cheapest price you must have ever gotten them for. Of course, this is their street food.

Another thing that Mexico is known for is the stunning beaches. Lie down on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico which make resort destinations of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and more, collectively called the Riviera Maya.

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white and brown concrete structure

European trips do not always have to be expensive. It also does not just mean croissants and waffles. Romania is one of the best places to travel on a budget, in Europe. It is offbeat and affordable.

Romania has plenty of castles that you can visit. starting with Dracula’s castle in Transylvania and Peles Castle. Romania also has wonderful landscapes that you can be a part of. Another thing that you can do in Romania, that you can do literally anywhere in Europe, goes wine tasting.

Romania truly feels like a piece of fiction and carries so much magic in it.


people walking on park near trees and building during daytime

Many people visit Cambodia for its temples, beaches and of course, the culture. While these reasons are obviously very valid, Cambodia can also be a place where you can experience wonderful adventure travel on a budget.

The many activities that you can take part in are biking, swimming, cruising, diving and definitely, shopping. Cambodia is a beautiful country with lush greenery. It also has a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. This makes cycling here a peaceful experience.


Countries to travel on a budget: Cuba

Cuba is one of the most beautiful places to travel on a budget. The place is stunning and looks like so much fun. It is an island of stunning cars and pastoral living, all in the same place. Cuba is only 90 miles from the United States which makes it easier for the residents in the US. In the world of ever-changing, Cuba has tried to maintain its authenticity.

Obviously, if you do visit Cuba, Havana is a must-visit. Also, drink a mojito while you are there. It is The Cuban drink that made its way around the world. This could be such a fun thing to check off your bucket list.



It is one of the most beautiful places to travel on a budget. Correction, it can be one the best places to travel on a budget when you travel at the right time.

Timing is an important factor to make a note of while travelling to this beautiful country. The prices of flights, accommodation and tours vary according to season and the price change can be extremely high. The busiest months would be around July and August, during summer. Travelling any time before or after these months can be really cheap.

Pick a hostel, cook your own meals and go island hopping with a group of islands – this could be the best vacation you might have had.


village and cliffs in aerial view photography

Croatia is one of the top places to travel on a budget if parties are your priority. It is the land of luxurious blue waters, sparkling rays of run and, the best part, intense parties. Croatia is made for fun. There are plenty of islands surrounding the mainland and excellent weather from May until October. Croatia has beach and yacht parties all year round.

This would mean that your expenses would be accommodation, travel and alcohol.

If parties do not sound interesting to you, then Croatia has stunning architecture to lose your speech over and a unique museum to visit, the Museum of Broken Relationships.

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red and black Mosque

Depending on what you want to do in Turkey, it can be cheap or expensive. For instance, travelling intercity can be expensive, hot air balloon rides can also swallow your cash. On the other hand, the Blue Mosque is pretty affordable to visit. Overnight buses can save you from accommodation costs, as well as cover for those intercity travels that you want to make.

The key to visiting Turkey on a budget is planning really well.


brown concrete building near mountain

The landscapes in Guatemala starts with volcanoes and mountains, all the way to gorgeous beaches and coastal towns. It also has big cities and tiny villages, rain forests, and ancient Mayan ruins.

The country is pretty much stunning. Travellers often have a fun time in Guatemala because of its rich culture- the colourful clothing, rituals and language, churches, markets.

Another great thing about Guatemala is how unbelievably cheap it is. It is straightforward too. Transportation is cheap and available. However, Guatemala might not be the safest place to visit.

Nonetheless, there are so many fun things to do here like hiking a volcano. What an adrenaline kick that must give!