How To Enjoy Dubai Alone? A Backpacking Dubai Guide

How To Enjoy Dubai Alone?

Planning a solo trip is mostly about travelling closer to nature, where you could explore art and aesthetics within budget. But have you ever given the thought of backpacking Dubai? The city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates are known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, lively and bright nightlife.

Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, ports, sand dunes and beaches, aiming to be the business hub of Western Asia. It is a major tourist destination today. Being a largely crime-free city, backpacking in Dubai sounds very safe and fun. It can be added to your checklist today itself while we answer your questions about how to enjoy Dubai alone. This backpacking Dubai guide prepares a Dubai backpacking list for you.

backpacking Dubai

Ways To Explore Dubai As A Backpacker

How Can You Enjoy Dubai On A Budget?

When we talk about backpacking Dubai, we feel our inclination towards the idea of it being expensive, luxurious, high-class. In short, everything defines how much this trip could cost to your pocket. But being budget-conscious, we wonder, would there be a way to travel in this city that too in the budget? And the answer is definitely yes!

Every trip usually costs in four parts: Accommodation, Food, Transportation, and Miscellaneous. And travelling on a budget is reducing costs in the first three sectors itself.

Backpacker Hostels

Hostels around the city’s heart are the best option one can choose for budget travelling. It provides all the basic facilities from proper washrooms to wifi. It also allows you the cheapest accommodation option.


One can also choose cheaper accommodation as a couchsurfer. They can stay for free or pay a small amount for the stay. This also helps travellers find someone local who could help in basic travelling.

Try Dubai Street Foods

The street food in Dubai has the most-sought after blend of middle-eastern and Asian cuisines. It is the cheapest option for eating and enjoying the taste of Dubai.

Take Metro or Bus

Metro and Bus is the cheapest and most convenient option to travel in Dubai. It can save you a lot of bucks meanwhile providing comfortable service.

Free attractions

Dubai has many free attractions, from fountain dance to light shows of Burj Khalifa, Malls and beaches. It allows you to enjoy your breaks for free around the city.

Look for the real Dubai! 

Dubai is beyond the skyscrapers and nightlife. Exploring on art and heritage of the land makes the trip less. Visiting Bastakia Quarter and Al Fahidi Fort is a must while exploring Dubai.

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Backpacking Dubai

Best Way To Travel In Dubai

Dubai is a sprawling city, but it isn’t difficult to go around once on the streets. There are extensive options available for travelling that are both pocket-friendly and convenient. It makes it easy to explore the magnificent city.

The best way to travel around and enjoy Dubai alone can be biased as per the traveller. It could be as a backpacking budget traveller or a luxurious option.

Buses :

Buses are one of the most convenient and cheapest options available in Dubai. From running as public transport for locals to special buses for tourists. You can hop in and off to the city’s famous tourist spots. This way, one will be able to visit several attractions with the travel guide.

These local buses run every 15 minutes and cover 82% of urban areas in the city. Hence it is easy to catch one every then and now. After you have done exploring one-stop, you can hop to another place.

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Note – There is less traffic of buses on Fridays


Another cheap and convenient option that is also fast and comfortable would be Dubai Metro. It is also the most reliable and safest option to enjoy Dubai alone. It is the world’s longest driver-less and fully automated metro rail. Every station has bus connections, taxi stops, bicycle stands, in addition to electric escalators and lifts. 

However, it brings a small drawback which withdraws it from budget travelling. There is an extra cost of travelling from your place to the metro station via taxi or any other way.

Note – The Dubai Metro runs every day, and stations are open from:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 5 am to 1.15 am (next day)
  • Thursday and Friday: 5 am to 2.15 am (next day)

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Taxis offer a safe and reliable form of transport and are luxurious options. They charge by distance. However, taxis are an expensive option but are well-maintained and have a polite and friendly driver. The drivers can also guide you to famous places and tell you more about them. There are also special taxis for women and children. Any female traveller can add this option to their safety checklist of backpacking in Dubai.

The Dubai Frame

Things To Do In Dubai

Dubai is so many things at the same time. One can choose their type of fun according to their aesthetics. One should definitely add these to their Dubai backpacking lists today. Because who would wanna miss out on all the beautiful walks beside the beach or partying at clubs.

Visit Burj Khalifa 

Even if Burj Khalifa feels very touristy because of how many Instagram Posts we have seen. It is still on the top list of visiting as the tallest building and one of the sexist hotels. It could make one’s backpacking in Dubai feel very luxurious.

Dubai Fountain 

Dubai fountain is famous for its drizzling dance performance under the lightning, a choreographed system. The plus point is the experience is free and good for your Dubai backpacking budget.

Dinner in the sky 

If you are not really tight on your budget, Dinner in Sky is necessary. Have your dinner followed up in the air surrounded by the long skyscrapers as the whisper of the loud traffic reaches you.

Al Shindagha Museum 

If your senses are strong and you are into history and heritage, this place is for you. Al shindagha Museum, also known as the perfume museum, is a must. It explores the heritage of the land and tells the tale of human innovations which shaped Dubai. It also tells us more about the origin of the perfumes.


Dubai backpacking list also has a theme park. If you want to get back into your childhood and have fun, this place is a must. Legoland indeed brings back many memories.

Dubai Opera House 

Another beautiful place for people interested in art. You can spend a fine evening catching musicals, ballet shows accompanied by drinks from the beautiful rooftop bar.

You can explore and add many things to your Dubai backpacking list. Dubai allows you to explore every side of yours.

Adventure Sports in Dubai

Apart from visiting places, you can do adventure sports in Dubai. From the desert to the sky Dubai gives wide options.

Sky Diving 

How can skydiving not be first when you are on an adventurous trip? So yeah, skydiving tops the list indeed. Travellers visit Dubai solely for the famous Sky Driving service too.

Bungee Jumping 

Gravity-Zone is Dubai’s permanent bungee operator, which takes you up for a 50m long jump. Jumping around the tall skyscrapers does sound adventurous.

Sand Dunning 

Don’t you wanna do off-roading and roll your wheels around the desert? I mean, why are you in the desert if you are not doing it right? 

Desert Safari 

Desert safari is your way out for your Dubai backpacking budget trip.


Haven’t you watched enough actors doing the stunts and running after the villain flyboarding to actually try it? Dubai gives you an option to explore your heroic side too.

Hot air balloon 

Above the desert around the lights, it gives you one of the best views of the beautiful city. It is a must while backpacking in Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari

Night Life in Dubai

Overnight Desert Safari 

The desert safari in the heart of the desert is one of the most beautiful nights. Around the bonfire, in a traditional majlis, you can enjoy a bit of the luxurious life in the desert.

Explore dance of people 

You can also be the spectator to famous belly dancers of Dubai and enjoy the evening around the environment.

Game of lights in Burj Khalifa 

Dubai has been famous worldwide for the light performance of Burj Khalif. On every special happening around the globe, there is a celebration. When you are in Dubai, the light show of Burj Khalifa is a must on the list.

Party in Bars 

Dance to the music tunes in bars like – Blu Dubai, Soho Dubai etc. You meet new people and enjoy every second of the night hanging around the drinks and dance floors.

Barasti is a popular club that gives out the best of both worlds. One can see the tall, impressive Dubai skyline on one side. And enjoy the vibrant hue of the Persian Gulf on the other.

Dhow Cruise 

Sail Fairytale traditional dhow boat decorated by lights and themed romantically for two hours while having your dinner beside the reflection of the lights of the skylines of Dubai.

Is Dubai Worth Travelling Alone?

Dubai is everything from a budget travelling spot to the most luxurious trip you could plan. It gives wide exposure to the traveller in terms of art, architecture, food, beaches and every form of activity. Every traveller has a different thing to explore here, away from cliche tourist spots and to-dos. It gives freedom to travellers with its safe environment to travel around the streets and discover their own favourite spots of the city. So indeed Dubai is worth travelling to.