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2022 feels different, right? There is something about it that could be different from the pandemic years. It is a whole new year of possibilities, of making different memories, of different things, and another year of exploring new places. While you write and plan your way through your bucket list ideas for 2022, here are a few more!

Here is a list of a few 2022 bucket list ideas that are pretty ambiguous and up to you to work with, and a few specific ones if you are looking for them. These could be fun to try out and hopefully 2022 does become the year of completing your travel bucket lists.

Bucket List Ideas for 2022!

A Few 2022 Bucket List Ideas (non-specific)

Spend a year travelling Asia

bucket list ideas for 2022

There are 48 countries in Asia, which means 48 countries added to your bucket list ideas for 2022. Explore the entire continent—plan on visiting each country. Of course, this might be a stretch, but you can still make it. It will be quite the adventure to figure out how to visit 48 countries in 365 days.

It would help if you were not concerned about costs because many Asian nations are affordable. There are several budget-friendly destinations in Asia. Your 2022 bucket list ideas won’t wreak havoc on your monetary account.

Consider it, though!

Visit all 7 continents

If visiting 48 countries at a stretch sounds a little challenging to make it happen, we get it. There is too much planning involved, and the budget might not be there just yet. This does not mean your bucket list ideas for 2022 will be lame and boring. Instead of visiting all the countries in Asia, picking a country from each continent? It would mean that you would have visited each continent by the end of the year. 7 additional countries, why not?

To slightly bend the rule in your favour, you could find countries in the continent that you can visit on a budget without taking up too much financial peace. Also, maybe consider shortening your stay if that works better.

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Regardless, this is doable. It is a pretty good and a nice challenge to take up if visiting more countries or exploring the world is one of the things you are interested in.

Visit a country you know little about

It sounds scary, but that is the best part about it. Visit a country with as little information about the country that you need. Figure out the safety of the place, where you will be staying, have an idea about the location of where you will be staying, transport details – just the basics to help you get by in case of any trouble. Then, figure out the rest when you get there. Try not to spoil the surprise for yourself by gathering information about the places you are going to visit or the food you will eat. Know-nothing and explore more.

What a fun surprise you might give yourself!

Tip: To make it more comfortable, you can start by travelling to a different state or maybe a close-by country. It could help you feel like you can return anytime you want to.

Other Specific Ideas for 2022

Learn scuba diving — Thailand

bucket list ideas for 2022
Scuba Diving in Thailand

Put this on your adventure bucket list ideas for 2022. Who doesn’t have “learn scuba diving” or “go diving” on their adventure bucket list?

In case you don’t, add it along. And, the best place to get started is Thailand. It is the cheapest and one of the best places to go scuba diving. There are plenty of courses available and you get to discover the amazing coral reefs and marine life underneath. You could also become a certified diver at the end of it. Some courses even have their own accommodation available, so that’s one less thing to be worried about.

You also get to explore Thailand, in the meantime.

Go Skydive — New Zealand

Another one of the adventure bucket list ideas for 2022 is “go sky diving”. Quite typical, but do it in New Zealand.

Sky diving is a pretty normal activity in New Zealand because of the region’s incredible landscapes. The landscapes only get better when you get to see them about 12 thousand feet above. You get stunning views of volcanoes, forests and lakes. If you are a beginner, you can always prefer Tandem Skydiving and wear your instructor as a backpack and jump without fear.

One of the best places in New Zealand to go sky diving is the Abel Tasman national park.

Reindeer Sledding and Sami Culture Tour — Tromso, Norway

Image courtesy: Norway

This tour allows the visitor to learn more about the life, history and culture of the Sami People. Along with this, it is an opportunity to know more about reindeers in their natural habitat. The direct experience provided through being with them, riding and feeding the reindeer is unmatched!

You can also go sledging with reindeer, learn to throw a lasso, and hear about the culture and history of the Sami, the indigenous people of the arctic. You also get to experience the local food and hear joik, or traditional Sami singing. Adults and kids alike would truly enjoy this arctic adventure.

Red Dunes, Camel Safari & BBQ — Dubai, United Arab Emirates

bucket list ideas for 2022

Enjoy a wonderful desert experience! Embark on a 7 to 8-hour journey across the Dubai desert with this desert safari.

You can experience the like of Bedouins first hand, driving through the red sand dunes, being in a Bedouin Camp where you can take part in their cultural activities, and have a lovely feast in terms of a BBQ buffet.

A Land Cruiser will be at your service to drive you through. You can enjoy the rides across the Stunning Red Dunes of Lehbab Desert and also try out sandboarding. When you reach the Al Khayma Camp, you can enjoy all things Arabic, coffee, dates, sweets and also smoke the shisha.

Henna Painting is another of the splendid treats to immerse yourself into! Last but not least, enjoy the presence of the Falcon and traditional dances in the evening!

Hot Air Balloon Flight with Berber Breakfast — Marrakesh, Morocco

Image courtesy: Viator

Experiencing floating over land in a hot air balloon is the most thrilling activity to aim for!

Floating above Morocco’s countryside and enjoying aerial views of the Atlas Mountains on this sunrise hot air balloon flight from Marrakech is a once in a lifetime experience. After riding to the launch location on a 4X4, you can first get to see the inflated balloons and then ascend into the skies with a pilot at the controls.

Looking down, you can see Marrakech, the Atlas peaks, and villages.

After touchdown, you can enjoy a Berber breakfast in a Berber tent. The experience also includes a flight certificate and return 4×4 hotel transfers.

Helicopter Tour — Manhattan, New York

bucket list ideas for 2022
Image courtesy: Viator

Most people have experienced a bus tour, boat, or walking tour during their lifetime. However, an aerial view of the world is not missed. Helicopter tours in New York offers a bird’s view of the city’s architecture, the massive skyscrapers, and at the same time, you can take as many photographs as you desire of the same.

You can see New York’s iconic landmarks, mighty rivers, and islands are even more impressive from the air and soar over Manhattan’s most famous sights in a helicopter while also enjoying the spectacular aerial views of the Big Apple.

With views of Liberty Island, the Empire State Building, and Governor’s Island this tour gives you an opportunity of a lifetime. New York City helicopter flies over famous landmarks and is an unbeatable experience as you get to see the Statue of Liberty face-to-face, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Central Park and also learn more about NYC from your pilot’s live commentary.

Paragliding Tandem Flight — Chamonix, France

Chamonix – Mont-Blanc is one the most beautiful a world-class adventure destination in the region of the Alps. The area is famous for paragliding. You can pilot your flight with the help of a certified instructor to ensure perfect safety. You can take pleasure in the spectacular views of the Alps as the pilot manipulates the wing to ride the air currents from Plan Praz or Plan de l’Aiguille. The duration of the flight is around 2 to 3 hours.

This adventure trip is not to be missed!

Atlantis Submarine Expedition — Cozumel, Mexico

Bucket List Ideas for 2022: Atlantis Submarine Expedition
Image courtesy: Diary Store

The Atlantis Submarine Tour in Cozumel is the experience of a lifetime! You can take pleasure in the underwater beauty of the Mexican Caribbean in the marvellous island of Cozumel, a  world-renowned scuba diving and snorkelling paradise, without ever touching the water. It is at a depth of 100 ft., an enclosed capsule with large windows to enjoy the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean’s underworld and takes you to the heart of Cozumel’s most colourful and captivating coral reef, marvel at troves of tropical fish. This Submarine adventure off Cozumel is a 40-minute dive is an adventure not to be missed!

Vatnajökull Glacier Ice Cave Tour — Iceland

Next on the bucket list would be a memorable adventure on this guided trip to an ice cave in Vatnajökull National Park. A Jeep ride would take you from Jökulsárlón to the base of Vatnajökull. Once you arrive, you are given all the equipment you need. Mainly crampons and helmets, like protective gear. This will help you walk on the glacier and safely enter the cave. Vatnajökull glacier and ice cave tours allow you to explore the ice cave independently or with a guide. You can learn all about the ice cave’s composition and history and its seasonal impact on it.

Street Go-Kart Group Tour — Osaka, Japan

bucket list ideas for 2022
Go-Kart In Japan

A must-have experience when visiting Osaka, Japan, is a custom made go-kart explicitly tailored to realize the Real Life SuperHero Go-Karting experience. After dressing up as your favourite character and receiving the briefing on how to operate the karts, you can safely ride around the streets of Osaka with guides on a set course. This unique experience is a Japanese activity that’s popular on social media and requires you to have an international driver’s permit and passport. The average duration of a slot is 2 hours, and you can choose your slot.

Two-Day “Reefsleep” Experience — Great Barrier Reef, Australia

bucket list ideas for 2022
Great Barrier Reef, Australia

An experience of a lifetime – to spend two days and a night on the Great Barrier Reef! a permanently moored pontoon, located 39 nautical miles from shore on the outer Great Barrier Reef, is your base for snorkelling, semi-submersible rides, and other underwater explorations by day. You can stay overnight on the pontoon around 74 kilometres from the shore. This trip includes meals and the to and fro trip from the Port of Airlie or Hamilton Island. An opportunity in a lifetime to spend the night sleeping out under the stars in a tent on the Great Barrier snorkelling, swimming, and viewing the marine life from the semi-sub rides or the underwater observatory Round-trip.

Explore Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Last but not least, explore Machu Picchu, the UNESCO world heritage site and Peru’s most famous destination. It is open year-round. Machu Picchu dates back to the mid-1400s. It’s a marvel of mortar-free limestone architecture perched on a high plateau deep in the Amazonian jungle. Built-in the 15th century and later abandoned, it’s renowned for its sophisticated dry-stone walls that fuse huge blocks without the use of mortar, intriguing buildings that play on astronomical alignments and panoramic views. Its exact former use remains a mystery. You can reach there by train from Cusco or, if you’re not faint-hearted, make the trip on foot via a multi-day hiking trail—you’ll travel through deep Andean gullies and enjoy stunning views.