Man On A Bike Touring Mission: Markus Guggenmoos

markus guggenmoos bike touring journey

It is possible to travel worldwide with minimum luggage, and numerous people are doing so. However, now and then, a few individuals stand out from the crowd and encourage people to travel around the world in a unique manner that is not simple but is well worth a try. Markus Guggenmoos bike touring journey is one such experience.

A little hamlet outside of Munich, Germany, is where Markus Guggenmoos was born and raised. While travelling with his family, he became addicted to this travelling drug, and this is how he became addicted. After a brief conversation with him, we learned more about his travels, his love of bikes, and enthusiasm.

How did you develop the passion for bikes?

Since I smoked my last cigarette on November 17, 2017, I was looking for a new hobby. Hiking in the nearby mountains, the Alps, became the hobby. Here I thought going up the mountain was incredible. However, I didn’t enjoy running down. Since it was winter, I took the sledge with me without further ado. Then I was able to drive down and not have to run.

Image Courtesy: Markus Guggenmoos

However, since the snow is not so good by the end of February, I needed another way to have fun on the downhill. I saw a 60-year-old man with a mountain bike in the parking lot going up the mountain.

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I asked him what he was doing. He talked about riding as far as he could go. Then he locks the bike to a tree and does trail running to the summit. Once he reaches, he eats a snack or two and then runs back to the cycle. He rides downhill on a trail on the way back to the parking lot.

I liked that and decided to buy a mountain bike. Afterwards, that was my weekend occupation. The path to the office was 25 km away. I covered it by bicycle in any weather, whether snow, rain or sunshine. Since then, bike touring has been a big part of my life, and it has opened doors for me.

Are you planning to explore all the places by bike?

On July 24, 2021, I left Cancun and landed in Tijuana after 145 days, 7636.90 kilometres, and 54.490 meters of elevation gain. Without a tent or sleeping bag, I rode throughout Mexico on my bike. I stayed in hostels, hotels, and Airbnbs on my travels.

The plan is to travel as much as I can. Currently, bike touring and travelling sustainably is the best way for me.

Image Courtesy: Markus Guggenmoos

Markus Guggenmoos bike touring journey is the way of a nomad and adventurer that seeks places, cultures and is naturally curious about a world full of adventures.

Biggest challenges you faced?

Fortunately, there were very few hurdles in my way for the most part. It’s just a question of getting on your bike and going. If your mindset is powerful enough, if it is stronger than your body, you can easily go more than 200 kilometres in a single day.

Travelling comes naturally to me, and I look forward to regularly doing it. So far, in my travels, I haven’t come across anything that I would categorize as a difficulty or a challenge in any way.

Any travel memories engraved in memory lane?

I can see a lot of myself reflected in the people of Mexico. When I’m in a good mood, everyone around me is too. Since everyone back home warned me against visiting Mexico due to the country’s notoriously high crime rate, I was pleasantly surprised.

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Image Courtesy: Markus Guggenmoos

It was more about my first-hand knowledge than what I heard from others. My memories of Mexico travel are among my most treasured to this day.

Did pandemic have any impact on your travel plan?

Yes, Thailand was initially on my list of places to visit. However, due to the lockdown in Thailand, Mexico and Costa Rica were the only countries that were accessible. I then made the decision to go to Mexico, and I haven’t looked back since.

markus guggenmoos

Do you have any advice for fellow travelers who desire to tour the world in unorthodox ways?

Do what you want and live your dream now, since tomorrow may be the last day of your life. I resigned from my work because I couldn’t come up with a satisfactory solution to the issue of how long I could spend on this beautiful planet. So I merged two of my interests, travelling and riding, and embarked on a bicycle journey across the country and now overseas.

Image Courtesy: Markus Guggenmoos

Markus Guggenmoos bike touring journey is inspiring many that follow him on his travels over Instagram and he uploads a lot of content to his profile regularly. You can follow his journey and get inspired by his way of travelling. Instagram– _markus_bike_

You can also subscribe and check videos on his Youtube Channel.