Globetrotter Carlos Volpe And His Unique Travel Experiences

Globetrotter Carlos Volpe is more than a sweet young man who travels around the world to make content for his YouTube channel. His travel includes making new friends, tasting local cuisines, living with the locals and going to those places which are not on any tourist’s radar. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Miami at the age of five when his parents divorced. At the age of 27, he got bitten by the travel bug. It was when he visited Paris to meet his wife’s family. His wife is a French citizen and was in Miami when they first met. As a traveller, he had spent a large amount of time travelling across India, but he is not one of the other foreign travellers who buy a private tour package and travels around in an air-conditioned car.

Carlos Volpe

Carlos Volpe is a very different perspective traveller and it can be seen in his YouTube videos.

We have perhaps not seen any foreign vlogger exploring the University of Calcutta when they visit Kolkata. Neither have we experienced bloggers drinking Bhang Lassi (Cannabis mixed in Lassi) during Maha Shivratri (religious festival). Carlos has done it all.

From bargaining in the local street markets to celebrating Holi in Asia’s largest red-light area, Carlos Volpe’s travel history is very different and interesting from others.

We got to know a lot more about his travel in India and his special love for the place when we had a chat with him while he was in his hotel in Mexico City.

After you were bitten by the travel bug during your travel to Paris, What effect did it have on your life?

Well, I was in awe of seeing the different parts of the world. I decided to travel to more distant places. The world is very big and the beauty of the world is what drove me.

Carlos Volpe

How come did you spend so much time travelling in India? Is it the food, people or the places?

It was in Bali, Indonesia when I first met Indians and they are super friendly people just like us Latinos, very easily mingle with everyone. And When I was in Kuala Lumpur, I tasted Indian Food for the first time. It was the trigger point for me to fly to India.

How much support did you get from your family for your Travel career? As an Indian, our parents are very sceptical about travelling as a career and choosing YouTube to be our main source of income?

Carlos Volpe

“Well, my wife loves to travel and my mom is very supportive in this matter. I can understand the situation of many Indians who have this dream of travelling the world and have all the resources but just don’t have the support of the family.

And families in India are very important from what I have seen from my travel experiences. I met a guy in Darjeeling who works in his family hotel and during our chat, he told me that his dream is to go out on a world tour but simply cannot due to his family commitments.”

Carlos Volpe chose YouTube as a medium to share his travel life. He says, it has a bigger reach and is more engaging for viewers across the globe. And according to his channel statistics India ranks at top of both subscribers and viewers. His love for food, people and diversity are the biggest reasons why he spent most time travelling in India.

Besides travelling he is also a big football geek and an ardent Real Madrid fan and has a YouTube channel dedicated to football besides his regular Travel and Food one. He finds more connecting to Bengal because just like in many Latin American countries the state is football crazy with super friendly folks and delicious foods.

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How did the Pandemic affect your Travel? Do you wish to come back to India after the restrictions are lifted to travel the Northeast and Central States?

The pandemic was a blow to my travel plans. For two months I was at my wife’s place in Normandy, France and then I started making cooking videos. And after the restrictions eased, my wife and I travelled around Netherlands and Belgium.

Carlos Volpe

For someone who travels every day, being confined to a little dwelling is nearly torture. After the pandemic, I have been to Assam but wish to visit other states like Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and Mizoram.

Before the pandemic hit you were in Bengal and had almost spent two months travelling the state. What did you like most about West Bengal? Is it the Food, the people or the mix of colonial and modern architecture of the City?

Bengal is amazing. The food the Kolkata Biriyani and the Kathi Rolls is amazing. I can have it almost every day. I made a lot of friends there. The people are super friendly and walking in central Kolkata is like going back to the past. The colonial buildings and the cutting chai sold on the streets are pure bliss. “Tourists need money, not travellers.”

Carlos Volpe doesn’t have millions of dollars in his bank to live his dreams. He has the passion and zest for travelling. For him sleeping under a starry sky is more comforting than a warm room in a hotel. Carlos’s travel life is a beacon for other travellers in India and the world. With such passion and zest to venture out and live the life that everyone dreams of, Carlos has a lot to offer in terms of inspiring the masses to explore the world in their ways.

“I will be visiting Venezuela this year – the country where I was born but never travelled. It holds a special place in my heart.”

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