A Land Called The Netherlands

Dutch it!

The Netherlands. A land that is sure not to disappoint you in any way possible. Be it the food, the class, the herd, the spots, the parks, you name it and it’s there. Despite all the above, it still isn’t proud or overconfident of itself or it’s beauty. To begin with, choose the best location to spend the night. Well, there is no such location, per se. Because the whole of the city is in all it’s glory, the pinnacle of the best.

The Canal Tour

the netherlands canal tour

After a smooth check-in, head out for the mesmerizing canal tour. You can board the ferry from any, among the many pickup points around the city. Opting for this canal ride will sort two purposes. One, energizes you with a lost boost during the long journey from home. Two, it will familiarize you with the place, thus making you choose only the best of places that you need to cover and explore.

Food In The Netherlands

the netherland food and cuisine

Hungry Kya? Dug into the goat cheese sandwich and relish a tasty treat. The Dutch cuisine basically happens to be a lot simpler and tasteful. The Dutch people eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables with many varieties of cheese and supplements. The style of cooking is very simple. It’s like the food we eat daily rather should eat daily. If you happen to eat at the innumerous cafes and open bars, don’t forget to enjoy eating with the pigeons. If you expect me to take you to the Anne Frank House, then “I’m Sorry”. I have had a thorough tour of it, in her book. Here, I tend to explore the places which will make me come back to this beauty again and again.

Museums In The Netherlands

the netherland van gogh musuem

After a quick bite, make way to the Rijksmuseum. This is where you will find the works of Rembrandt and the other Dutch masters. The famous Nights Watch painting, which happens to be the largest research project, hangs there for you to see. It is indeed a masterpiece. Rest of the parts of the museum architect are done impressively too. Besides this museum, the Van Gogh museum, which is okay and can be added to your list, if you are an artist or a fan artist.



Next stop can be none other than the glorious Adam tower. Here stands the celebrated “IAMSTERDAM”. A must visit place; the cocktails served here are like nowhere. Also, swing at Europe’s highest edge swing here that goes complimentary with your ticket. Stand on the glass floor and look down. See the city from above and soak in all the beauty. This place sure has my heart. A cocktail fan cannot skip out on this place, for sure.

Parks & Lifestyle Of The Dutch

Cometh dusk, head to the Vondelpark. Did I mention, the people of Netherlands don’t work post five? That’s their family and friends time. All the shops and sightseeing close by 5, in Netherlands. Grab a crate of beer and go straight to the parks and/or other hangouts to enjoy a delightful evening with friends or family. That is the Netherland way. The people here are ultimate darlings. They are fun loving, they are super helpful, and they are awesomely healthy and fit.

Cycle Mania In The Netherlands

cycle in amsterdam

All they do here is cycle around the place to go anywhere. There are special cycling lanes which are prominently used by the citizens to keep the place pollution free and the air, carbon negative. A warning to be handy at all times, do not disrespect anyone. Do not use a high pitch. And do not dare to break their system. Isn’t that something all countries should adopt by default? Well, this country does. And maybe that’s why it happens to be one of the top happiest countries in the world. Still not tired? Allow yourself through the Holland Casino. It’s open 24*7. Not a better time than night to enjoy gambling. The pub area just outside makes it all the more appealing and enjoyable. During the weekend this area is remarkable and might turn out to be the most memorable night of the trip.

Countryside Tour Of The Netherlands

Next day visit the countryside. Giethroon is a car free village, also called the Venice of the Netherlands. The beautifully aligned windmills give the country an aesthetic feel. Hague, the royal capital of Netherlands, which is the place of the Dutch parliament, is silent and a stepping back place. This place is also home to the U.N. International Court of Justice, and the International Criminal Court. The buildings are Gothic-styled and the city thinly populated. It makes for an amazing day trip. The Madurodam, Hague, is a miniature park and another must visit place, whether travelling with children or not. It houses replicas of famous Dutch cities, monuments and historical buildings. The proceeds from this park goes to the various charities in and around Netherlands since it’s inception in 1952.

Delft Blue Origin And Importance

delft blue origin the netherlands

If there is time, stop by the Royal Delft Blue factory. It is a 17th century pottery factory and still in operation. The royal delft blue pottery is made in-house only here in the world. The staff here is talented and the place offers wide variety of products. For those who don’t know, the delft blue color is from the violet family and is made by mixing blue magenta. The whole process is carried on inside the facility. If you are an eco friendly person, there happens a windmill and cheese tour, the only one on globe. The tranquility of the place will fill you with immense joy. The best kept secrets of earth is the Netherlands, windmills. There are more than 1000 of them, still in use.

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Markets & Shopping In Amsterdam

If you are in Amsterdam, you just can’t miss the Albert Cuyp Market. This street market was named after a painter. Grasp a packet of strawberries and explore this everything market. Who says you can’t shop in Amsterdam. Well, they haven’t been to this place. You can buy branded stuff to the locale, to the designer, here starting at ten euros only. The tulips are the most famous flower of Netherlands. The tulip fields or the Keukenhof garden is a gratifying place to visit. And this pace is also known as the Garden of Europe. It opens for merely 8 weeks a year from mid-march to mid may. Therefore, plan your trip accordingly, if you don’t want to miss out on this vibrant scene.

Indian Food In Dutch Land

Scared of missing the Indian food? Well, this place has it all. Lined behind the Holland Casino, are the Indian restaurants keeping up with your homely taste buds. Indulge in India cuisine, at Dutch locations. Though, I would like to recommend trying the local food too.

So, this was a gist of The Netherlands. Stop basking in the glory of this place, and book yourself to this place soon. This is a not to be missed country. Here is what I would call, Good Wine, Good Dine. Good stay, Good day!