How To Plan For A Road Trip?

plan for a road trip

Road trips can seem long and intimidating at first, however planning it can do you wonders! This little guide is going to help you plan for a road trip. It covers everything important that you need to keep in mind as you plan. Keep this as a checklist or an outline planner while you decide through your destination, routes, accommodation etc.

Road trips really can be such a fun activity. It does not have to be a group activity. Taking solo road trips around can be a cathartic experience. It really might be the break you need from the city life you have been living or even just to get away and enjoy solitude for a while. The entire trip is now your forte and you can do whatever you want! Of course, road trips can be made more entertaining if you have somebody else jamming to your song on the speakers. You could have picnics, games.

In this case, the journey really is the better bargain of the deal. The destination surely is going to be great, but still is only a part of the fun. So, try to make your journey there through roads the best one you have had. And to help you keep your plan on track, here is a little guide!

Decide on a destination

plan for a road trip

Finding a destination that suits your needs and comfort is most definitely the first step in figuring out a plan for a road trip.

It is important to be realistic with this. You need to keep in mind fuel prices, hours that go into the travel, safety, routes and the other small but fundamental things. This is going to be the foundation for your road trip, obviously. It would help to even start calculating the budget from this process to keep it truly realistic. This way you can ensure, your trip is going to be a success.

Another pointer would be, finding out about the things you can do there. Some places might seem like the best option you can go for, but there might not be enough activities that are going to keep you entertained throughout your stay. So, do ensure that you pick a destination that suits your travel needs.

Understanding the perfect time to go

plan for a road trip

Maybe you have decided on a location in your plan for a road trip. It ticks all the right boxes. The destination fits into your budget. You are ready to go.

But (there really is always a but huh?)

But, did you look into whether it really is the right time to go there? It would be beneficial to look into the climatic conditions. For example, choosing the rainy season to travel to a certain location might not be ideal. The roads to this location might get slippery and could pose safety risks. Moreover, some locations might not have much to offer during monsoon time.

So, the next thing to be on the lookout for in terms of location is also its climate and weather.

How long do you want to be gone?

plan for a road trip

Maybe your plan for a road trip is a weekend getaway, or maybe it is a week-long vacation. It could be helpful to know how long you are going to be staying at the location.

If you are looking for a weekend getaway and you happen to be in Bangalore then,

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Nonetheless, knowing how long you are going to be gone could help you with your accommodation at the place. If you happen to be tight on that budget but you want to stay for longer, then hostels might be the option for you. There are plenty of hostels in many parts of India. You can check whether your destination has any hostels and can choose to spend only a couple hundred rupees for a night.


Depending on the budget, duration and destination of the plan for a road trip, you can choose your accommodation wisely. Sometimes you might have to book more than a single place of accommodation at the destination. This might be because of the length of the trip or there might be another pit stop on the way which is worth exploring. Nonetheless, accommodation plays a huge role in your road trips.

To also be mindful, that it is also okay to not book any accommodation. Your road trip might just be about the drive there and back down, which can save a couple of bucks for you.

A pointer to book accommodation is that bookings might have to be made before a certain period of time. Since there might be offers available that can really benefit you, it is important to plan ahead and stay aware.

What to get/pack

Listing down what to get might be the place to start. But, before that, remind yourself of the size of your car. What exactly is going to fit in there?

The ideal way to pack for your plan for a road trip is to, well, keep it minimum. This is the case with every journey you are going to possibly take. It is probably one of the top tips you can get to becoming or travelling like a nomad. Reduce the size of your footprint.

Road trips are not going to be about your outfits, or the destination anyway. It truly is about the experience of getting there and the memories that you will be making. So, do your future memories justice and make the travel convenient. Pack 2 pairs of footwear, 2 pairs of pants, 4 t-shirts (do go heavy on the underwear) for a 4-day trip. Or, something along the lines.

Entertainment for plan for a road trip

plan for a road trip

Your ‘how to plan for a road trip’ would have been incomplete had we not known how monotonous it could get if you do not plan for entertainment on the trip. Fortunately, we have got you covered there. According to the duration of your trip, it is important to keep ready a bunch of entertainment options.

Here are a few entertainment options to plan for a road trip:

Create A Playlist For Your Trip

This almost goes without saying, but playlists are a lifesaver. Whatever your plan for a road trip is, whatever the duration, playlists are insanely important. You could either create one long solid playlist that runs through the course of your road trip. Or, you can create multiple according to the mood of the trip. If it is a solo trip you are taking, then this could be the time for you to discover a new album. A group journey could mean karaoke sessions; the possibilities are endless.

Nonetheless, as you see, music can be your saviour.

Carry Food Always When You’re On The Go

Another option that is solely independent of any other factors on the plan for a road trip is food. You can never carry too much food; I mean that is if you can never eat too much.

Any types of chips, crisps, dips, crackers, cookies, biscuits, is more than welcome on this trip. They are allowed to travel with you for free. You could even plan for a picnic on your way there. Carry some sandwiches, some really nice fruit juice or beverage of choice, and make it a short picnic meal on your way to the destination. This could even be a nice break from the long driving fatigue.

Besides, if you are worried about the weight you are going to put on, then don’t be! You are literally going on a vacation. This is your holiday. It’s mandatory to put on some happy fat.

With all being said, do be careful to eat foods that do not ruin your health. Try to eat as clean as you can because you will have to drive back.

Play a game?

Games could be a great idea if you want to avoid the awkward silence that you did not plan for on a road trip. Sure, music might end up as a karaoke session, but what if there is a song you do not know the lyrics to? Games could be a great ice breaker too if there is somebody in the group you want to know better. Nothing like getting to know somebody better through the very nosey ’21 questions’. Or maybe, something like the loser has to drive the next 10 kilometres.

Anything to keep the drive exciting is always a win. Make it the best road trip you have ever been on, why not?

Apps to help you plan Your road trip

Google maps

The amount of help that Google Maps is going to provide your plan for a road trip is well obvious. This app is useful to keep tabs on the duration, ETA, distance, traffic, terrain, roadblocks, finding fuel stops and eateries on your way. It really can be your greatest friend on your road trip. Make sure you have a smooth internet connection and you are good to go.

Google maps do not just have to be used while you go. You can plan your road trips way ahead using this app and figure out the route. You can add your pit stops and find any nearby locations that might be worth checking out.

So, be sure to check this app out before you head out for your trip and keep it ready even throughout.

Renting a car on your plan for a road trip?

If for whatever reason you do want a rental as your road trip companion then by all means go ahead. Be sure to check through the terms and conditions allocated on the apps/websites of the rental.

With a rental, do remember that the costs can take a hike. This might depend on the number of people, the kind of car, distance. It might also be more convenient to take your own car. We do recommend using your own vehicle or a friend’s car, who is accompanying.

Accommodation When Needed

plan for a road trip

There are so many apps and websites dedicated to making your accommodation the least of your worries. The best way to plan for a road trip might actually be to take advantage of these apps and websites. Finding the cheapest offer and staying on budget, could possibly help you even extend your stay. Be sure to even check multiple sites before settling for an offer.





As you continue on your travel adventures, you can even get better offers and discounts. Certain websites would have a credit or token system in place. This is going to help you save money on your next booking.

You can even take a look at our website where we gather information on hostels and other budget accommodation. We help provide a list of quality rooms that you can make yours.

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Here is a quick checklist that is going to help you make a quick through. It is never a bad idea to really be sure before you leave. Of course, if you did leave something out you can always get it on your way there.

quick checklist for your road trip

Look into the functioning of the car, whether the lights and all the important features on the car are in a good condition.

Ensure the oil, water and air requirements for the car have been met.

Ensure you have all the documents required for the car and for the situation you are travelling in (any vaccination records or tests that had to be done).

Make sure that you have a spare tire in the back, just in case.

Also, have the route and itinerary of things to do set in place. Arriving at a new destination can be challenging, so it is always better to have an idea of the things you want to do here or the places you want to visit, beforehand.