Hitchhiking In India

hitchhiking in india

We know many of you are wondering is it even a possible travel mode in India. Is it safe to go hitchhiking in India?

Yes, India is witnessing a tragic turn of interest towards hitchhiking and discovering the country without spending out of your pockets.

Yes, it’s worth the adventure to go hitchhiking in India but with a conscious mind on the go! In the olden times, hitchhiking or thumbing was more common due to the unavailability of cars, unlike today.

Go prepared well to reminiscence the best of adventure!

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Fetch the information and plan well

Every time you decide on an impromptu vacay, you should learn to hitchhike in India.

When you are stepping out know about the place well, maybe download offline maps if possible. Pack your bag with enough food, water, and a knife, pepper spray.

Keep it light to be ready for the upcoming situation. You might spend most of the day walking, train those legs well buddy.

While planning, enquire well enough about climate and keep your friends informed of your location every time you are in-network.

A conscious hitchhiker in India

hitchhiking in india

While hitchhiking is free in India but comes at the cost of your consciousness. While you’ll be waiting on the road you should be ready to encounter interesting co-passengers or saviors or it can be someone who flushes out your fear to make you strong to fight for yourself.

The journey of your hitchhiking can sometimes be fun but you’ll always learn a lesson through good and bad instances. Women travelers we know you have to be extra cautious while taking a lift or to let go if you are even a little suspicious of the character. The dangers in your journey can harm irrespective of your gender.

A Red Flag

A calm and assertive attitude empowers your hitchhiking trip in India. Indians are famous for the crimes hovering over the highways of this country. Despite this, generosity still prevails in some hearts. Be a listening ear but don’t overshare.

hitchhiking in india in winter

Travelers always lookout for a Red flag, which means you have to run or reject. When you are waiting for a driver, hop in when your destinations match. We know after hours of walk you are excited and thankful for the help, judge well enough of the owner.

Sometimes due to long driving, drivers are generally not in a mood to talk. Sensitive talks are definitely a Red flag, you should refrain from one of your small graceful talks.

An art of yours

As you travel alone or with a group, you always want to represent yourself as trustworthy, a good companion, carry a well-informative placard or something to catch a driver’s attention. Always place yourself where a car tends to slow down like a stop or even a breaker for the sake of hitchhiking.

If you are a group, stay together and carry an art of your unity, for your hitchhiking trip to have a symbol. At the same time, this can be a dangerous decision. Maybe your planning about the destination can be fruitful throughout your whole journey.

Sometimes things change

Most of the time your planning and decisions are at the right point despite any upcoming circumstances. Hold yourself strong and positive till you have a good hitchhiking experience. India is endured with scenic beauties, put yourself out with the same enthusiasm and bucketful knowledge about all the details of the destination. Every journey is mesmerizing in the eyes of a traveler and memories without an effort isn’t worth it.

Trucks are the best experience for hitchhiking in India. They have a boosting power to witness the best of Indian highways. Hitcchking in India is an ancient practice during the olden times until cars took over the control of freedom in humanity.

The Gurukul system of education always guided their students to travel across the country (deshantan) at least once during their course of study. Hitchhiking in India will not only add to your exciting adventures but will also provide you with valuable insight into the country’s cultural significance. If you’re planning an exciting vacation in India, keep these ideas in mind.