Top 10 Places To Visit In Asia

Your journey as a tourist or nature lover has not even started if you are yet to visit Asia. As we all know, Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world. How do you want to have experience if you have not visited the most populous continent on earth? With the help of this article, you’d find the top 10 places to visit in Asia.

Asia is a continent of many interesting facts and actuality. It is the largest continent on the whole planet with huge total size of 44,579,000 km².

Asia is divided into 5 regions: Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Western Asia, East Asia, and South Asia, respectively.

Although some Asian countries have many similarities, every one of them has its unique way of life, culture and charm! With so many incredible cities to choose from – it can be tough to decide where to visit next in Asia. In no particular order, here are a number of some of the best places to visit in Asia.

Best Places In Asia You Should Visit As A Traveller


maldives, top 10 places to visit in asia

The beautiful scenery of Maldives is a thing to behold. It is one of the most vibrant destinations to travel to for a honeymoon. The Maldives is filled with a lot of islands and crystal clear water.

While each archipelago’s picturesque islands appears to be more beautiful than the previous, the Maldives is also known for its undersea treasures. As a result, it’s an excellent area to go scuba diving or snorkelling, with plenty of vibrant coral reefs and dazzling shoals of fish to see.

The Maldives, with a population of just over half a million people, has its own culture and traditions. The Maldivian culture, craft, and customs have been created by the island environment and the oceans surrounding us, despite being significantly impacted by various cultures along the Indian Ocean’s rim.

Male is the business and financial capital of the country. This city, home to the executive, legislature, and judiciary is also a popular tourist destination. History buffs will be satisfied here, as Male is home to several historically significant structures and monuments. The international airport in Male is connected to Male via ferry boats. Due to excellent ferry connectivity, travel to other islands in the Maldives is also possible from Male, albeit it is fairly expensive.

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

dubai, top 10 places to visit in asia

Abu Dhabi is another of Asia’s most popular stopover cities, noted for the mesmerizing Grand Mosque. The city, located on the Persian Gulf and is a popular destination for ex-pats, is a bustling city to visit over a few days and nights.

The luxurious Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is the focus of Yas Marina. The circuit is on Yas Island, which is roughly 30 minutes from Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital city.

Dubai is a shopping hub for many travellers and tourists and honeymoon couples. For the adventure seekers, Dubai has a plethora of activities to keep them excited.

Aside from the tunes, there’s a lot more to discover. A theme park, a water park, residential areas, hotels, and beaches are all part of the marina-based developments.

There are other attractions to visit in Abu Dhabi, such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World, and so many more.

Seoul, South Korea

It is a popular destination for young travellers wishing to visit a bustling metropolis filled with skyscrapers, subways, K-pop culture, and delicious food. Seoul is one of the best top 10 places to visit in Asia and there’s a lot one could explore.

The modern Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a conference complex with a curved design and a rooftop park; Gyeongbokgung Palace, which formerly had over 7,000 rooms; and Jogyesa Temple, which is home to old locust and pine trees, are among the city’s top attractions.

South Korea as a whole is quite hilly, including Seoul, which is no exception. The more handy mountains like Namsan are easily accessible, but if you want a real adventure, head out of Seoul to Ui-dong or Namyangju and hike up Bukhansan or Cheonmasan.

In Korea, the foothills are filled with hiking shops, the mountains are constantly bustling with people, Buddhist temples dot the landscape, and at the summit of the mountain, you’ll nearly always find workout equipment and a makgeolli salesperson selling their wares.

Seoul is also a palace city, with 5 huge palace complexes restored to its former splendour strewn across the city.

Without saying, it’s also known for its gastronomy, which includes wonderful street food, Korean specialities such as barbeque, and fine-dining options.

Pangkor Laut, Malaysia

pangkor laut, malaysia, top 10 places to visit in asia
Image Courtey: Pangkor Laut Resort

Look no farther than the picturesque Pangkor Laut in Malaysia for an Asian honeymoon resort that is a little more budget-friendly (than, say, the Maldives). You can get an overwater bungalow for a fraction of the amount you’d pay in the Maldives or in Bora Bora, Tahiti, where the trend started.

Pangkor Laut Resort is an idyllic hideaway on a private island off the west coast of Malaysia. The resort has one of the world’s best spas. It is surrounded by natural jungle and beautiful sandy beaches with a clear turquoise sea.

In the midst of lush tropical flora, rocky outcrops, and the pristine beach of Emerald Bay, Pangkor Laut Resort offers a unique experience. Seaside, beach, spa, hill, and garden are just a few locations where you’ll find villas. Some people even have bathtubs outside. Listen to the macaque monkeys’ high-pitched calls while admiring the stunning coastal views from your balcony.

Bangkok, Thailand

It receives more visitors than any other city on the planet, and it’s easy to see why. Bangkok is a city of contrasts where there is a bustle around every corner.

Take a tuk-tuk through lively Chinatown or a longtail boat amid floating marketplaces to marvel at the dazzling temples. Another feature of Bangkok is the food, ranging from simple street stall fare to fine dining at romantic rooftop restaurants.

Luxury shopping complexes compete with a plethora of boutiques and markets where you can indulge without going overboard. Expensive luxury hotels and unexpectedly affordable serviced apartments all greet you with the same legendary Thai friendliness.

Bangkok’s dynamic climate necessitates a great deal of energy. Unprepared visitors suffer as a result of the consistently hot weather and the constant throng. Yes, the city looks to be bursting at the seams with everything from humidity to humanity. Still, it’s this unusual richness that attracts visitors. The world’s largest open-air market, a world-class aquarium housed in an eight-level shopping mall, a 150-foot golden Buddha statue, and much more can all be found here. Enjoy the city’s pleasant incongruity because it’s a city of great surprises.

Sri Lanka

srilanka, top 10 places of visit in asia

Travellers are flocking to the small island nation of Sri Lanka in record numbers to see what has been dubbed “India light.”

Sri Lanka is a fantastic destination for those interested in water sports, wildlife, or history and these are the reasons why it is in every traveller’s top 10 places to visit in Asia list.

A safari in Asia, a train trip to Kandy’s stunning tea estate, or a day at the beach learning to surf at one of the many new yoga and surf schools that have just opened are just a few options.

There are 26 national parks in Sri Lanka, as well as 2 marine preserves. Most famous is Yala National Park, which is home to the world’s highest concentration of leopards, along with 215 bird species, mugger crocodiles, and other reptiles.

The coastline surrounding the park also serves as a nesting ground for five different species of sea turtles, including the leatherback and green sea turtle. Elephants and uncommon species such as the changeable hawk-eagle and the serpent eagle are in Udawalawe National Park, which is next to Yala.

Sri Lanka is now a multiethnic country with many distinct ethnic groups and customs. The majority of Sri Lanka’s population is Sinhalese.

There is also evidence that the Tamils, a sizable ethnic minority on the island, have had a considerable influence on its past.

Boracay, Philippines

Another special and top 10 places to visit in Asia is Boracay Island. One of the Philippines’ best beaches, Boracay Island boasts a lengthy stretch of fluffy white sand beach (known as White Beach), crystal clear and turquoise waters, a spectacular sunset, and more.

Boracay Island is home to a long stretch of fluffy white sand beach (known as White Beach), crystal clear and turquoise waters, a beautiful sunset, and more. On the island, there are several adventures and activities for people of all ages.

There are better beaches in more popular destinations like the Caribbean, South Pacific, Thailand and Southeast Asia. Still, Boracay competes with them for beachgoers’ attention. Visitors will enjoy sailing, windsurfing, snorkelling, diving, and jet skiing, as well as other water sports and recreation. There are various taverns and restaurants open till the early morning hours, selling food, drink, and entertainment.

A remarkable number of bakeries are present in Boracay, thanks to many foreign tourists who frequent the island. Don’t miss out on one of the best mangoes in the world. Mangoes grown in the Philippines are mild and sweet due to the country’s excellent climate.

Hong Kong

top 10 places to visit in asia

There is no other Asian metropolis that mixes the East and the West quite like Hong Kong. To get a taste of what Hong Kong has to offer, you only need to spend a few hours there. Of course, it is better if you have more time in hand, but I guarantee you will still have a good time in your brief visit.

In this bustling city, first-time tourists may easily spend a week. There are numerous Buddhist temples to visit and Mongkok’s well-known street markets, and Hong Kong’s island’s breathtaking vistas from the Peak! You can even include a shopping trip to China (Shenzhen) in your itinerary.

Hong Kong has an energizing quality to it that is difficult to define. Whether it’s an ancient temple, a shop selling the latest electronic item, or a man walking his caged bird, there’s something fresh and exciting around every turn.

Hong Kong also offers a rural side, with forested mountains, hiking paths, stunning beaches, islands, and traditional fishing communities.

Bali, Indonesia

Among other things, Bali is famous for its wooded volcanic mountains, distinctive rice terraces, beaches, and coral reefs. On the island, religious sites such as the cliffside Uluwatu Temple and a lot more is dearer to the travellers and one finds a lot of picture perfect moments in these area.

To the south is Kuta, a bustling beach town with many bars. At the same time, Seminyak, Sanur, and Nusa Dua are popular vacation towns. Yoga and meditation retreats are also popular on the island.

In Bali, there are tens of thousands of gift shops. From Denpasar to Ubud, you’ll discover plenty of items to take home with you. Delectable snacks and beverages, as well as gorgeous handcrafted products such as Tenun Bali, are among Bali’s hallmark souvenirs.

If you want to carry home souvenirs, go to Sukowati’s souvenir market, where you’d find a lot to choose and go by the selection of your taste.

The majority of the five-star hotels are within walking distance of the beach. Some even have their private beach areas where you can pay extra for exclusive access. Popular tourist destinations including Kuta, Sanur, and Seminyak are great places to look for them.


Bhutan is another of the top 10 places tos visit in Asia. It is a Buddhist kingdom on the eastern border of the Himalayas, and if famous for its monasteries, fortresses (or dzongs), and stunning scenery ranging from subtropical plains to steep slopes and valleys. Peaks like the 7,326m Jomolhari in the High Himalayas are popular trekking locations. The Tiger’s Nest monastery in Paro Taktsang clings to rocks above the wild Paro Valley.

Bhutan is a reasonably safe nation to visit; even petty crime is rare! There are no traffic lights in the country; instead, there are traffic wardens whom the residents adore. Tobacco cultivation and sale and hunting and fishing are prohibited (except for catch and release). Climbing high peaks (where spirits reside) is not permitted, and staff must dress in traditional attire during working hours.

Bhutanese social customs are similar to those of its South Asian neighbours, such as taking off your shoes before entering a temple or residence, refraining from wearing short attire, and displaying affection in public.

Bhutan is expensive because the fees cover a wide range of services. The daily cost covers a wide range of expenses, from normal lodging and meals to internal taxes and tourism royalty fees. Regardless of the costs, a tour of Bhutan is still a fantastic trip to take.

Asia is the place to be because it provides travellers with many alternatives, including areas rich in culture and history. These top 10 places to visit in Asia range from culturally significant to historically significant, have many exciting surprises in store for you.