Scenic Road Trips In the USA

If you are thinking of taking road trips in the USA, then we have got you covered. There are many routes and highways that are designed to improve your driving experience. Each for a different purpose, so if you are looking for anything specific, just be sure that it is all there.

Road trips can be a fun experience for multiple reasons. Maybe it might just be a way for you to get out of the city, or to experience something new while not committing to much. It could also be a way to get closer to your friends and understand them better. Or even better, listen to a whole playlist of music delight without interruptions. Road trips are a great way to even spend time with yourself and let your thoughts indulge. It could sometimes even be a cheap way to explore locations; the only thing you would be paying for is gas or fuel. That does not seem like a hard bargain huh?

Also, road trips are universal. Every country has its own routes and highways that can provide you with a little extra something. Thus the experience changes from each highway to city limits to the remote areas and more.

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Few ideas for road trips in the USA

Blue Ridge Parkway

One of the best road trips in the USA, that you can take is Blue Ridge Parkway.

Where is it? Virginia

This road trip is the USA with a ban on billboards, the loud blaring traffic and any towns nearby might be just the peaceful trip you need to take. The long connecting Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in North Carolina marks about 469 miles. This road trip allows you to experience through the mountainous terrains, fog, waterfalls, wild turkeys and other birds.

During the fall, you would be driving through a background of deep reds and yellows which is the end of September to October. If the fall season does not sound like a time you would want to take road trip in the USA, then the spring drive in Blue Ridge Parkway offers beautiful bouquets of wildflowers that bloom orange, white, pink, and every other colour you can think of. So, you see, this might be the perfect place for your road trip all year round.

Brandywine Valley

Road Trip in the USA: Brandywine Valley, Pennsylvania and Delaware
Image courtesy: National Geographic

Where is it? Pennsylvania and Delaware

This might be the perfect road trip in the USA for all you short drive lovers. Long drives might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but that’s where Brandywine Valley comes to your rescue. With a short 19 mile stretch of historic beauty, this route takes you through scenic chateau country. It takes you through many summer estates between South Pennsylvania and North Delaware, through twisting narrow roads. You are going to enjoy the tulip trees and the oak branches that this trip is going to give you. The best time to visit is during the spring and fall, definitely because of the climate. Longwood Gardens and Winterthur are told to be the best during the warmer months.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod could be your next road trip in the USA.
Image courtesy: Cape Cod Times

Where is it? Massachusetts

This peninsula of the U.S state of Massachusetts is a popular site for quaint villages, seafood shacks, lighthouses, ponds and, of course, beaches. A road trip on the Route 6a in Cape Cod might be one of the top road trips in USA that you will ever take. Enjoy the drive while passing through dune-lands and the stunning villages which were established in 1639 on your way from Sandwich to Brewster. If those do not interest then definitely the beaches would. Be sure to check them out on your way to Orleans. Pine and oak forests are no strangers on this drive and they are going to accompany you through it all.

Historic Columbia River Highway

areal photo of gray concrete road

Where is it? Oregon

This 23 mile road trip in the USA is one of the oldest scenic routes in the country. It was considered to be one of the greatest feats of 1917, when it was built. It commences in Troutdale, and on your way, you travel through major attractions like the Vista House which is constructed more than 700 ft above the Columbia River, to the series of waterfalls like the LaTourell Falls, Wahkeenah Falls and the Multnomah Falls. However, it would be wise to plan this road trip during the off-peak travel times and also ensure that you begin your journey at around or before 10 am.

Red Rock Country

Image courtesy: Travel Channel

Where is it? Arizona

This 145 mile road trip in the USA is a great unique experience to have. In contrast to the green foliage, and colourful forests that most road trips would give you, the Red Rock Country allows you to experience the dessert terrains and the high rock formations that USA has to offer. Red Rock Country is a region with red sandstone cliffs and giant red sandstone spires located in the middle of north Arizona. It is a popular tourist destination despite, what may seem like boring acres of monotony. Imagine yourself blasting music along these quiet rustic terrains, sounds like just the spot to make your own.

Route 66

One of the best road trips in the USA through the legendary Route 66.

Where is it? Chicago- California

Route 66 is one of the most popular road trips in the USA ever taken. It is one of the most famous roads there is. Connecting the two big cities, the Route 66 measures about 2,451 miles. Although the entire of the route is not ready for drives, around 85% of the highway is still up for your exploration. This could be one of the road trips that you can tick off your bucket list. If you did not know, this highway makes a link between prominent cities of the USA. It ran from Chicago, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona before it stops in Santa Monica in Los Angeles. The Route 66 was not just an icon for the long drives but it made its way to pop culture through various songs.

Outer Banks

Where is it? North Carolina

 This wonderful sea-filled scenic road trip in the USA along the Highway 12 is around 100 miles. This road trip is going to take you on the best seashore drive experiences you have ever had. The journey is home to white-sand beaches, colonial towns, fishing villages. Of course, the best time to go on this road trip would be when the sun is blazing, during the summer. The state of North Carolina is a cluster of beach communities and natural landscapes which makes this road trip to be an ideal escape. You can simply enjoy the sand and the islands, watch the sunset and make it one of your best road trips in the USA.

Pacific Coast Highway

Take your road trips in the USA alongside the Pacific Coast.

Where is it? California

Let the coast help you to have the best road trip in the USA ever! The Pacific Coast Highway is considered to be one of the best drives in the states. It starts with San Diego and takes you along the coast of California. You can take this opportunity to drop into Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Hearst Castle and follow the way into the beautiful, scenic coastal town of Monterey. The route ends with San Francisco. These routes do not demand any seasonal conditions from you and allow you the freedom to choose when you want to go!

U.S. 1

The Overseas Highway: Miami to Key West on US Highway 1
Image courtesy: tripsavvy

Where is it? Florida Keys

Maybe the best road trip in the USA would be to leave the mainland. Take the US Route 1, which serves the East Coast and allow yourself to experience the long island chain of 120 miles of Florida Keys. This experience could turn out to be one of the best adventures you have ever had. It has a bunch of beach bars, and water sports that you could take part. This highway connects the islands together like beads on a necklace. It takes you past lighthouses, coral reef parks and across one of the longest bridges in the world, 7 Mile Bridge.

Route 12

The Best Stops On Beautiful Highway 12, Utah's Scenic Byway - TravelAwaits
Image courtesy: Travel Awaits

Where is it? Utah

If the red rock terrain, like Red Rock Country, is your cup of tea then add this to your ideas for road trips in the USA. The State Route 12 takes you through the red rock beauty of Utah. The 124 mile route also gives you views through funky small towns. UT-12, also Route 12, is regarded as one of the most scenic roads in the United States. One of the main attractions of this route is that there no tolls. Also, it crosses many nature parks and landscapes.