Bucket List Ideas For Travellers–Explore Your Dreams

People who find their happiness in losing themselves in the mighty mountains or the blissful beaches or the fascinating forests or simply on the radiant roads have been stuck up at their places for almost more than a year. The wanderer souls who cannot be in a place for long have been miserable. Although we all had our shares of trouble, pain and hardships, this pandemic has taught us that life is extremely unpredictable. Therefore, it is too short not to fulfil our dreams and the bucket list ideas we have created. The way to truly live is to embark upon the journey of completing a personal bucket list.

Life is now or never. So if you are a traveller and have a bucket list of places to visit or things to do before you die, just pack your bag and get going once the covid situation is under control. Don’t have a bucket list? I can help. Well, the world is full of wonders and a lifetime may fall short to get the essence of everything we want. However, if we are nomads we can try our fullest. Here are some bucket list ideas for backpackers. These are some exciting things from across the world which you can try while travelling to these parts of the world. Pick some from these 55 bucket list ideas which you would love to do. Trust me, these may change your life. 

Ideas For The Adventure Lovers

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Most of the adventure crazy people have an adventure bucket list ready and when they have checked all items among them they make a new one. This bunch of people are always hungry for something more dangerous and insane. However, if you are yet to make a list here are some ideas.

  1. Bungee Jumping in Switzerland: New Zealand is one of the most spectacular travel destinations in the world. It never fails to fascinate backpackers and is also famous for many adventure sports, bungee jumping being the most common among them. It has almost become a ritual for travellers to take that leap of faith at the several bungee jumping spots.
  1. Deep Sea Diving in Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: Feel the thrill of undersea diving. If you want a first hand encounter with a wide range of marine species and that too large in numbers, this is your place.
  1. Sky Diving in Hawaii, United States: The breathtaking beauty of the islands, beaches and forests will keep you engrossed and will make you feel a sense of freedom in the air.
  1. Paragliding at Interlaken: Give yourself a once in a lifetime experience by going paragliding at the famous Interlaken, Switzerland. Embrace the captivating view of the snow clad Alps and let them make you free from all worries.
  1. Hot Air Balloon In Myanmar: At first you can keep staring at a sky filled with balloons, but surely give a try to a hot air balloon ride at Bagan, Myanmar.
  1. Scuba Diving Through The Great Barrier Reef: Along the North Queensland Coast it is the longest of its kind. Don’t miss it if you are anywhere near Australia.
  1. Hiking in the Himalayas: If you are a hardcore trekker the Himaylayas would never disappoint you. It offers one of the wildest hiking experiences in the world.
  1. Trekking in Machu Picchu, Peru: Here history meets adventure. It is one of the hardest trek routes in the world. Have a strong willpower? Go for it.
  1. Road Trip Through Karakoram Highway: Also known as ‘Friendship Highway’ connects China and Pakistan. It is a paradise for mountaineers and cyclists offering access to glaciers, lakes and high mountains.

Bucket List For The Foodies

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I believe travelling and food have an inseparable bond. Here are some bucket list ideas if you are a foodie.

  1. Taste Every Local Food Of Europe: When it comes to Europe it has  never ending offerings for the backpackers. Be it nature, adventure, culture, history and of course European cuisine. Indulge in local delicacies of every European city you are visiting. 
  1. Treat Yourself With A Street Food Of India: A food lover can never ever miss this. Indulge in the heavenly taste of Panipuri or Fuchka, Pavbhaji, Rolls, Vada pav, Poha, Samosa, Chaats and the list is never ending.
  1. Sip Coffee in Europe’s Grand Cafes: The historical cafes across Europe are still maintaining their legacy with their coffee, food and the gothic architecture. Spend an evening and feel the grandeur.
  1. Indulge In A Chocolatey Delight In Belgium: Have world famous chocolates at Bruges, Belgium.
  1. Take A Tour To The Wineries in France: France is well known for producing some of the finest vintage wines. It is quite an experience to see how it is made. Do visit one of the wineries.

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Unique Bucket List For Cultural Exploration

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Exploring a place is incomplete without getting to know about its art and culture. Cultural explorers have always merged themselves with the festivals and art of the place they are visiting.

  1. Museum/ Art Centre: Museums are places where time has been captured. It speaks of culture. There are some museums in the world which are unique in terms of their architecture, design, decoration and of course their artifacts.
  1. Lose Yourself In the Fun Filled Carnival In Brazil: Experience the joy and happiness in the air of Brazil during the time of carnival. Tap your feet to the tunes of Samba.
  1. Experience India During Holi Or Diwali: India is a land of colors and festivity. You can not complete your bucket list without experiencing India during Holi or Diwali. Do you have friends in India? If not, make one and attend a wedding in their family. The colours, the celebration, the hospitality, all will stay with you forever.
  1. Woodburn’s Tulip Festival/ Oregon: Give your eyes a feast by attending the Tulip festival at Oregon. Best time to visit is March to May.
  1. Russian Ballet At Bolshoi Theatre: The art lovers would love to spend an evening watching the traditional Russian ballet at Bolshoi Theatre. It would be a classic experience for the artistic souls. 

List For The History Lovers

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History is fascinating, don’t you think so? Many people love to explore places with historical significance. They have kept such in their once in a lifetime bucket list ideas. If you are one of them, here are some more suggestions if you have missed out on them. 

  1. Enter Pyramid Of Giza: I can’t even imagine how enthralling it would be to enter the oldest and largest Pyramid situated at Cairo, Egypt.
  1. Visit All The Seven Wonders Of The World: Though I am mentioning Pyramids and some of the other wonders of the world separately, those which fascinates me intensely, visiting all the seven wonders of the world is most common in the bucket list of travellers around the globe. 
  1. Witness History At The Lost City Of Petra: Experience standing in front of the relics of an ancient city built around 300 BC, which is long lost. History comes alive here.
  1. Visit Angkor Wat: The largest temple in the world in northwest Cambodia, built around the 12th century, is a must to visit.
  1. Visit Harappa And Mohenjodaro: Speaking about historical sights, Harappa and Mohenjodaro can not be missed. One of the earliest civilizations in the world will keep you spellbound. Most of its sights are situated in Pakistan.

Ultimate Bucket List For Travellers

There are innumerable places on this planet ready to leave you awestruck with their own aura. A lot of new travel destinations are explored every day by wanderers. Still, there are these things, in my opinion, which we all should try to witness before we die.

  1. Feel The Magic Of The Northern Lights: Witnessing the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis is an experience that stays with you. Travellers since ages have been totally charmed by the beauty of this natural phenomenon.
  1. Be Mesmerised by the Serenity Of Taj Mahal At Sunrise: One of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal has been an epitome of love. Especially, you can feel its divine aura during the magical hours of sunrise or on a full moon night
  1. Go To The Awe Inspiring Alps: The Swiss Alps are no less than wonders. Perhaps the most beautiful mountains in the world.
  1. Take A Trip In The Bullet Train In Japan: Japan keeps a pace with its fast life with its fastest trains. A journey in one of the world’s fastest trains is worth a try.
  1. The Insane African Safari: The best place to explore the wildlife. The Serengeti National Park or the Zambezi National Park offers you a close encounter with a plethora of wild species.
  1. Take A Walk Across The Golden Gate Bridge: A walk across the Pacific Ocean through one of the longest suspension bridges can make you lost in thoughts.
  1. Float In The Dead Sea: It is a sea, still you have a feeling of a swimming pool. Isn’t it funny and mysterious at the same time?
  1. Explore The Islands In The Caribbean: Take a yacht and enjoy the warm weather in the beautiful islands of the caribbean.
  1. Experience The Trans Siberian Railway: The Longest railroad line in Russia took a time of 100 years to be constructed. Now this is something massive.
  1. Feel The Raw Nature At The Amazon RainForest: Experience the greatest of rainforests in the world but be careful about insects.
  1. Live In A Glass igloo: We have all read about the Eskimos and the Igloos in our school Geography lessons. Let’s encounter a real one.
  1. Be Spellbound By the View Of The Niagara Falls From Both Sides: We are always mystified by the extraordinary creations of mother nature. Niagara Falls is definitely one of them. It has been a major tourist attraction of the world for over 200 years. We should have a look at it from both the Canadian and the U.S sides to get the full splendour of it.
  1. Watch Your Feet At The Grand Canyon Skywalk: Don’t freak out while walking at the glass bottom skywalk at this geological wonder.
  1. Ascent The Petronas Tower In Malaysia: I have a fascination to reach the top of tall buildings and enjoy the view from there. The twin towers in Malaysia can give you a drone view of the city.
  1. Visit The Highest Rail Station In The World: Galera, the world’s highest railway station is situated 4781 m above sea level. It tracks through the Qinghai-Tibet railway in China.
  1. Cover The Under Ocean Tunnel: Seikan Tunnel, Japan is the world’s longest undersea rail tunnel. A route bifurcating the great ocean itself will undoubtedly be surprising.

Unique Bucket List Ideas

Sharing some from my very own travel bucket list ideas. Also, I have borrowed some from a friend’s list which I found extremely interesting. You may find some of them to be simple and some of them even might seem cliche. But we all are different human beings and our preferences have to be different. That’s what makes us unique, right? We have got only one life and we should try our hardest to fulfil our wishes. If you like you can pick some from here.

  1. Attend a Musical Concert In Another Country: Music is something that binds the world together. It would be a dream come true for me to attend a Coldplay or a BTS concert one day in some other country going crazy with some unknown people around me.
  1. Celebrate New Year’s Eve At The London Bridge: Be at London Bridge on 31st December while embracing the new year would be something out of this world. I wish I would end up making some new friends.
  1. Watch A World Cup Final In Brazil: Any soccer lover here? Well my friend from whom I borrowed this idea is a hardcore Brazil supporter. As a gift for his generosity to let me borrow his idea, I have to take him to watch a FIFA world Cup Finals in Brazil. However, I really hope this happens soon.
  1. See The Nightlife In The Entertainment Capital Of The world: Partying at Las Vegas has always been on the list.
  1. Enjoy A Stay At A Village Of Switzerland: Some peaceful days far from the hustle bustle of the city just appreciating the scenic beauty.
  1. Visit The land where My Family Hails From: My ancestors bore in their hearts the painful history of India-Pakistan partition in 1947. So many people had to live their everything in Bangladesh, then East Pakistan and come to India overnight. I would like to visit Dhaka, Bangladesh once in my lifetime, and visit the village where our ancestral home used to be.
  1. Fall In Love In Paris: Paris always gives an old school romantic vibe. I would love to fall in love with the city, its culture and of course the Eiffel Tower.
  1. Take A Ride In The Vintage Cars In Havana: Ride a classic vintage car in Havana, Cuba and get an old world vibe. Though I do not encourage smoking, Havana Cigar Is famous all over the world.
  1. Standing On The Top Of Burj Khalifa: And Seeing The World With A Bird’s Eye View.
  1. Backpack through Europe: Europe is backpacker’s paradise. I would love to visit once in the fall.
  1. Pamper My Inner Child At DisneyLand: It has been my dream since childhood.Never too old to have a fun ride.
  1. Spend a Night In A Desert: Probably lying under the sky counting stars at the Sahara Desert, North Africa.
  1. Having Barbeque In The Midst Of A Forest: May be indulging in a drink and occasionally hearing the sound of wild animals.isn’t it exciting?
  1. Going On A Luxurious Cruise: Going on a luxurious cruise across the world.
  1. Rejuvenate Myself With A Thai Spa And Massage: Thailand has been mastering this business since the 19th century. It has been proven useful to relax our body and mind and calm it down.

So, this is it. I hope the bucket list ideas would be helpful and trigger you to make a bucket list of your own. I hope we all are able to witness the things we really want to, someday.