Best Backpacking Hostels In Goa

best backpacking hostels in goa

One of the best destinations for backpackers in India would be Goa. From its serene beaches and nightlife to its churches and cafes, Goa has something to offer for everyone. A Goa trip is every student’s dream; however, budget and stay can be a real buzzkill sometimes. Fortunately for us, travel lovers, the best backpacking hostels in Goa truly are THE best.

Hostels might be a daunting option to choose as a form of accommodation but here are some reasons why you must take the leap!

Reasons why you should choose hostels

1. Price!

Instead of paying thousands on hotel rooms for a night, sharing your accommodation with other interesting travellers can be a real ice pack on that financial strain. With hostels, you only pay a few hundred rupees per night and luckily most budget hostels in goa are near beaches, so what’s the problem?

2. Sharing options

Sharing is caring, and it might actually not be as awful as you think. Even though sharing your accommodation can sound pretty intimidating, hostels make it more approachable by allowing you to choose how many people you would like to share your space with or even not. You can also opt for private rooms and cottages at cheaper rates, while still sharing the hostel intimacy.

3. Meeting people

To make your solo backpacking goa adventure better, it could be nice to meet other solo travellers and understand their journey. Hostels are the best way to meet people in Goa and establish a deeper connection with travelers.

4. Personality

Goa has an interesting history to it. It was invaded by Portuguese travellers in the 16th century and has ever since portrayed its influence in art, food, and architecture. A culturally diverse state like Goa deserves to be experienced wholeheartedly. Backpacking hostels help you do just that as each of them reflects the Goan identity differently, you can choose which part of the Goa personality you want to explore.

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With all that being said, here some of the best hostels in goa to make backpacking in Goa easier for you

1. Woke Arpora

Woke Arpora is one of the best backpacking hostels in Goa.
Picture courtesy: Woke Arpora

This over a century-old Portuguese residence can now accommodate you without costing your wallet much. Woke Arpora, which was once a French restaurant (talk about culture-rich) is set in an old-fashioned lane, surrounded by trees to make you feel connected to the planet. With it’s antique furniture, hammocks, swimming pool and, according to many reviews, great wifi you might want to consider staying for longer. A must-stay hostel to experience the blissfulness of nature and culture; highly recommended to let loose and relax on your backpacking goa trip.  

Woke Arpora is one of the best backpacking hostels in Goa.
Picture courtesy: Woke Arpora

Hostel facilities: Wifi, Swimming pool, Breakfast, Kitchen, Laundry, Cycle tours, Yoga classes

Address: House 154, DIWAN BHATI, Behind HDFC & Dena Bank ARPORA JUNCTION, Arpora, Goa 403516

Contact information: 078228 98309,

2. The Hosteller

The Hosteller is among the best backpacking hostels in Goa to meet people.
Picture courtesy: The Hosteller

Hosting travelers from all over the world, the hosteller is considered to be home to many. This abode is perfectly located only a few minutes away from Anjuna beach and curlies café offering you the best sunset views and best parties in Goa. One of the most happening backpackers’ hostels in North Goa perfect to meet your next travel buddy with the beach hopping trails, backwater tours, and karaoke nights they offer. With rooms starting from just 399, The Hosteller makes for the perfect cheap hostel for your trip.

Featuring dorm rooms inside The Hosteller, among the most happening backpackers' hostels in North Goa to meet people.
Picture courtesy: The Hosteller

Hostel facilites: Wifi, in-house café,

Address: 787/2 St. Michael Vaddo Bardez, Monteiro Vadda, Anjuna, Goa 403509

Contact info: 098101 87717

3. Old Quarter

Shows the mosaic details on the façade of Old Quarter, hostel in Panjim.
Picture courtesy:

Located in India’s smallest capital city, Panjim, once a Portuguese quarter for about 450 years, Old Quarter is another cultural wonderland. If you are a traveler trying to explore more of Goa’s cultural identity, Old Quarter might be the best option for you. It is one of the best backpacking hostels in Goa. They avail walks through alleys of Fontainhas and Panjim. This amazing stay would also allow you to easily visit various local art galleries, and live the true Goan way of life without feeling like an outsider.

The dorms inside the Old Quarter.
Image courtesy: The Hostel Crowd

Hostel facilities: Wifi, Laundry, Snack bar. Game room

Address:  5/146, Rua 31 de Janeiro, Fontainhas (quarter), Altinho, Panaji, Goa 403001

Contact info: 705 7324 666,

4. Bucket list

Bucket List is one of the best budget hostel for solo backpackers in Goa
Picture courtesy: Make My Trip

The Bucket List hostel hosts backpackers from over the world, providing a budget-friendly environment to unwind, enjoy, and party! Offering days with yoga, walking tours, cycle tours, badminton and table tennis games, books to read on hammocks, and a huge outdoor bar, the Bucket list is the best backpacking hostel in Goa if you are on your backpacking trip for the activities Goa has to offer. It has numerous events planned for your stay so that you do not have to worry about planning your itinerary. Bucket list aims to provide you with a glass of local beer and a day packed with activities to help you escape the monotony of your daily routine.

Address: 562/1, Coutinho Vaddo, Vagator, Goa 

Contact info: 070666 59066

5. Craft hostels

The rooms available at Craft hostel located near Anjuna beach.
Picture courtesy: Craft hostels

Another great hostel in Goa near the beach! Craft hostels have the best location for your party experience. It is located only a couple of minutes away from Anjuna beach. With great private room options, you do not have to worry about your privacy is at stake. Most travellers comment on this hostel being ‘super safe, comfy and clean. The next time you go there, be sure to say hello to their cat.

Exterior view of Craft hostel, one of the best backpacking hostels in Goa for its privacy.
Picture courtesy: Craft hostels

Hostel facilities: Wifi, Laundry

Address: St. Michaels Waddo, House no 771, Anjuna Flea Market, Anjuna, Goa 403509 India

Contact info: 98117 00712

6. Dreams hostel

Picture courtesy: Dreams hostel

A hostel where all your creative dreams come to life! Okay, puns apart, this hostel is one of the most popular hostels among international backpackers, meaning more culturally diverse travellers to interact with! With an environment created to relax, play games, create art and meet people, this hostel seems like accommodation for creators. it offers all that you would need to let your creative juices flow without being a heavy anchor on your finances. Dreams hostel offers various room options from dorms to private rooms.

Picture courtesy: Dreams hostel

Hostel facilities: Wifi, Washing machine, Kitchen, 

Address: 500, 1, Vagator Beach Rd, opposite Garden Villa Restaurant, Coutinho Vaddo, Vagator, Goa 403509

Contact info: 099206 51760

7. Pappi Chulo

best hostels in Goa near beach
Image courtesy: Goibibo

 An adults-only accommodation with a bar shared lounge and a sunny garden might be exactly what you need this Goa trip. Pappi Chulo, located in Vagator, offers its guests barbecues and evenings of entertainment. With various types of rooms and dorms, Pappi Chulo seems like it has something for every traveller. This hostel has the major beaches inside a 5 kilometre radius with Ozran beach being the nearest, only 250 metres away, and Baga beach being 4 kilometre away.

Hostel facilities: Wifi, Bar, BBQ facilities, Laundry, Evening entertainment

Address: Ozran Beach Rd, Vagator, Goa 403509

Contact info: 090751 35343

8. The Funky Monkey

Picture courtesy: The Funky Hostel

Rated one of the best by many backpackers, The Funky Monkey hostel is only a 4-minute walk from Anjuna beach. It is also close to famous party venues like Curlie’s, Shiva Valley. This hostel also has yoga classes provided to help deepen your exhales and relax while the beaches of Goa nearby do the rest. You can also spend your hours walking through the markets located close by and indulge in the amazing restaurants. Does this not sound like the perfect place to unwind and give yourself that me-time you came to Goa for?

Picture courtesy: The Funky Hostel

Hostel facilities: Wifi, Bar, Restaurant, Laundry

Address: 773 san miguel vaddo behind Curlies parking lot, Anjuna, Goa 403509

Contact info: 9689988629

9. Bon Voyage Hostel

Image courtesy:

Have a great voyage with Bon Voyage!

Excuse our jokes again, but hey we are not wrong. Located in Vagator, this hostel features all the amenities you need to have a great trip. Starting from a broad option of rooms and dorms to a sun terrace, they have everything you need to just chill. Many backpackers have decided to extend their travel from a day to weeks here. Another great hostel, one of the best backpacking hostels in Goa, with most of the beaches in a 5 kilometre radius. This is also a great hostel if you want to get to know Goa’s culture better with churches and night markets also under a 5 kilometre radius!

Hostel facilities: Wifi, Laundry, Bar, Restaurant, Outdoor fireplace, Sun deck

Address: House no. 694, Badem, Assagao, Goa 403509

10. The White Balcao

The exterior view of The White Balcao, one of the best backpacking hostels in Goa to explore the Goan culture better.
Image courtesy:

Located in Panaji, this hostel is perfect for those Instagram shots. The White Balcao is a must-stay for culture lovers! It hosts walking tours and is also located close to the Goa State Museum for you to discover the heritage of Goa better. Reviews comment how this humble abode is a ‘home far away from home’ with their near-luxury hostel rooms.

Hostel facilities: Wifi, Laundry, Coffee house

Address: 4/162/1, next to Bookworm Trust, Fontainhas (quarter), Mala, Panaji, Goa 403001

Contact Info: 093077 19896

11. Wonderland hostel

Image courtesy: Wonderland hostel

Another popular one among international travellers is the Wonderland hostel. It is told to be a haven for creative minds. This hostel is only seconds away from Anjuna beach and only minutes away from a flea market. Wonderland is designed for everyone; for the introverted backpackers, this hostel offers peace and quiet at the library, and well for the extroverts, they can always take up their space. You don’t have to really think twice about this one, it really has it all.

Image courtesy: Wonderland hostel

Hostel facilities: Wifi, Laundry, Airport Pick-off/Drop-off, Library, BBQ facilities, Bar

Address:  Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa

12. Red door hostel

Image courtesy:

Another reflection of the Portuguese rule, the Red Door hostel is where it all started. Red door hostel was one of the first and the best backpacking hostels in Goa, bringing the Anjuna hippie culture to life. The Anjuna beach is located only minutes away and Vagator beach can also be travelled to within 20 minutes. It is one of the more famous hotels in Goa for parties because of its location. Red Door also provides a wide range of selections in its dorms, making the sharing experience more comfortable.

Hostel facilities: wifi, Laundry, Airport drop-off/pickup, Sun deck, Kitchen

Address: 651/4, Dmello Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa 403509

13. XOXO hostel

Shows the front view of rooms of XOXO hostel, one of the best backpacking hostels in Goa for female travelers.
Image courtesy: XOXO hostel
Interior view of the dorms of XOXO hostel, one of the best backpacking hostels in Goa for female travelers.
Image courtesy: XOXO hostel

XOXO Hostel offers a range of dorms and rooms, as well as a swimming pool, seafood delicacies, parties, and other activities organised by the hostel. It may be the perfect place for you. This hostel could be the ideal refuge from reality, since it is surrounded by lush flora, giving you a true sense of real Goa.

Hostel facilities: wifi, Laundry, Outdoor Fireplace, Sun deck, Kitchen

Address: Tito’s White House, opp. Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Anjuna, Goa 403509

14. The Yuppi Hippi Hostel

The exterior view of Yuppi Hippi hostel, one of the best backpacking hostels in Goa near Anjuna beach.
Image courtesy:

A hostel for ladies, safe and sound, located from Anjuna’s very own Flea market, this is a place for tranquillity! Located just 500 metres from the flea market in Anjuna, it is a sea-facing experience not to be missed. If you enjoy sunbathing and would love the privacy that comes with it, this is a sure place for you. This is one of the best backpacking hostels in Goa for single women, wishing for a safe place at the heart of the Anjuna with markets, temples, and churches close by. The rooms come with WIFI, mini-fridge, reading lights, hair dryers. The closest airport is just a 30 min drive.

Hostel facilities: Wifi, Laundry, Yoga classes, Sun deck

Address: Near Curlie’s Beach Shack, Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa 403519

Contact info: 095528 75990

15. Green Space Bistro & co working hostel

Showing the interior of Green Space Bistro & co working hostel, one of the best backpacking hostels in Goa for a staycation.
Image courtesy:

When you run out of money, with hardly any vacation from work, the best way to travel is to find a space that allows you to work and relax. Greenspace is one such space, where you can enjoy the eco-friendly lifestyle and chill in camping tents equipped with a lively workspace. A traditional Portuguese house comes with single or double occupancy tents which come equipped with a light, fan, and power outlet; or the 8 and 10-bed dorms. Located in the lush green ambiance of Vagator, this place is in North Goa. A 5-minute ride away from Vagator beach and 10 minutes from Anjuna Beach, it is surrounded by Supermarkets, restaurants, late-night food shacks.

It has its own in-house café, serving organic and healthy food.

The best way to chill while working so you don’t miss out on relaxing activities during your free time!

Image courtesy:

Hostel facilities: Wifi, Kitchen, Laundry, BBQ facilities, Library

Address: Wine Store, Next to Yeshrupa, Ozran Beach Rd, Vagator, Goa 403509

Contact info: 097767 68787

16. Wanderers hostel

Image courtesy: The Wanderers hostel

A family-owned hostel, this one is located in the heart of the city. This is a family home that is renovated, it has two beautiful gardens. Surrounded by historical buildings and beautiful streets, this one is located at a 5-minute distance from the bus station on the road –  Gjuhadol.

Facilities provided are free breakfast, wifi, laundry service, bikes for rent. The rental includes a large cabinet, bed. The rooms are spacious.

Hostel Facilities: Wifi, Laundry, Tours available

Address: Madhla Vaddo, Morjim Beach Road, Opp. Nanu Wines, Morjim, Goa 403512

Contact info: 096192 35302