Top 5 Countries Offering Digital Nomads Visa

digital nomads visa

Changing lifestyle? Becoming a digital nomad changes dramatic shots, and you need varied locations to change the pace. Also, this freedom from world work culture comes with a document (digital nomads visa), and here is some information about it.

A digital nomad visa is always mismatched with a tourist visa and here is why they can be used according to the need. A tourist visa doesn’t help when you want to work with a company situated locally and stay for a long time, but if you have plans to not stay for a longer time and completely work online, then this is best suited for you. While a digital nomad visa allows you to work remotely and allows you to stay longer, one significant difference often discussed is that the tourist visa needs less paperwork, and that’s an easy procedure, whereas digital nomads visas take a comparatively longer time.

So you must not compulsorily need a work visa to be a digital nomad, and you can take up other options too.

Many countries are still progressing about the norms and making of a digital nomad visa.

Before we move ahead into the list of countries offering digital nomads visas, let’s have a look at the frequently asked questions.

The FAQs

1. How long does a digital nomad visa take? 

Talking about the procedure time for digital nomad visas worldwide depends upon the norms of the country you aim to visit and work. 

Official websites for visas of a country could largely help to understand the procedure.

2. What are the basic requirements for a digital nomad visa?

Two items should be on your list before you apply: a valid passport and documentation proving your source of income.

After the covid-19 outbreak, vaccination certificates, medical insurance are also in the requirement.

Countries That Offer Digital Nomads Visas

Czech Republic

digital nomads visa in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is an excellent place for digital nomads. It has got these really cool streets, history and mountain combination. 

The visa for freelancers in the country is ‘ZINVO,’ and it permits you to work for a year in the country before it expires. However, applying for Zinvo is a difficult process.

  1. You will have to give information about your local address there.
  2. You have to show an amount of €5,587 in the bank account.
  3. Payment of $80 USD in the local tax section.
  4. Takes about 120 days to approve a visa for digital nomads.
  5. A trade license is required for 1 year.
  6. The Czech embassy conducts an interview where all plans for the visit year to the Czech Republic must be discussed.
  7. Visa Fee : $230 USD


digital nomads visa in Dubai

Dubai proved one of the top three places for digital nomads in several surveys with policies and reformation for Dubai digital nomads visa to help digital nomad lifestyle. 

The programme is approximately 356 days. Cafes, especially for digital nomads, are built, which also added to why Dubai digital nomad visa is preferred largely.

All digital nomads planning to move to Dubai will get exciting benefits like all the citizens across the country, such as telecom services, utilities, schooling, etc. 

  1. Health insurance proper coverage in Dubai.
  2. They provide a unique digital nomads visa which was among the very early countries that did this.
  3. The total cost might reach or exceed $287.

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Digital nomads visa in germany

Germany was the first to introduce a ‘freelance visa’ that follows certain norms among so many European countries. 

Applying for remote work visas for digital nomads in Germany cannot be termed as extremely easy. A few steps can get a bit difficult. 

  1. You would need an address in Germany.
  2. The CV of the applicant is needed.
  3. Employment Proof as a freelancer.
  4. You need to have medical/health insurance.
  5. Proof of financial stability. 
  6. Submit your portfolio to the German tax office.
  7. In some cases, they might also ask for bank statements.
  8. For people under the category of senior citizens will need pension plan proof.
  9. You need to have your clients based in Germany because the norms suggest that you help the German economy get a digital nomad visa.
  10. Visa Fee: $116 USD


digital nomads visa in Estonia

With the goal of becoming the world’s leading country for digital advancements and usage among citizens, Estonia recently launched a special visa for digital nomads to support its e-residency programme, making it an excellent opportunity for all digital nomads.

  1. Applicants must prove an income of 3504 euros. Over the last 6 months.
  2. There are two categories while applying, long-stay visa and short-stay visa.
  3. Details are always provided at the nearest Estonian embassy or consulate, and one has to visit here to submit the application or for all other doubts. 
  4. It takes up to 30 days for the application review. 
  5. As a freelancer, your clients prefer to be out of Estonia. 
  6. Visa Fee: 80 Euro – Short stay 100 Euro – Long stay


Digital nomads visa in Spain

Spain is a beautiful city for digital nomads, also offers visas for digital nomads. It offers great facilities for startups and nomads. 

  1. The visa duration will be approx 1 year.
  2. A background check is done. 
  3. Applicants need to show a required amount of money in the bank. 
  4. The extension can be of one year based on the circumstances. 
  5. There can be a tax reduction for digital nomads. 
  6. Visa Fees: 102.64 euro


Portugal’s digital nomad visa can be the dessert to this information about countries offering digital nomad visas. It is an amazing country that intends the growth of the digital nomad community.

  1. It offers a non-temporary resident visa for digital nomads and startup owners.
  2. The extension can be up to 1 to 5 years which is a great option.
  3. After the extension period, you can also apply for permanent residency in the country.
  4. Proof of income needs to be submitted with the concerned authority.
  5. 600 euro is the bare minimum you need to earn to live in the country.
  6. There will be a background and history check of the applicant.
  7. Visa Fees – around 60 Euro

If you’re still looking for more countries, here’s a list of 32 countries for you.

Get your visas and travel. The world awaits you!

Adios travellers!!