10 Amazing And Cheapest Places To Travel In Europe

boats and body of water in one of the cheapest places to travel in europe

Nothing beats a breathtaking exploration of a new place, right? Whether it is for a little escapade, a special treat with your lover, or just an excuse to know about the amazing and cheapest places to travel in Europe. That being said, not having information about the right prices and budget can greatly impact the fun.

Traveling across Europe to have fun or as a solo backpacker doesn’t have to cost a whole lot of fortune that puts a hole in your wallet. There are loads of amazing places to travel to in Europe all across the continent.

Cheapest Places to travel in Europe

We all have different budgets and different expense sizes. The truth is, the value of your trip will depend upon how and where you would like to visit. I am here to give you some of the best and amazing places to travel in Europe without breaking the bank or burning through all your hard-earned currency.

For a moment, let’s forget about the exciting cities in your environs and state. Instead, let’s look at unique and cheap places you can travel to as a solo backpacker to enjoy your explorations without hurting your savings.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the cheapest places to travel in europe.

Traveling on a budget to Europe? Check out Prague. The Czech Republic’s capital, Prague. Prague is much more than its medieval cobblestone downtown. Spending time in the Czech capital will allow you to discover the connected neighborhoods and the city’s freewheeling spirit, as well as some of its best restaurants, museums, beer gardens, and parks.

Prague’s excellent public transport system makes touring around the capital accessible in one trip.

Your trip to the city is not complete if you do not visit Prague Castle. The city’s most famous attraction is Prague Castle. The castle, beautifully designed, has been the official residence of the Czech ruler for many donkey years. Today, it houses the number one citizen of the country, the President of the Czech Republic.

General Tariffs

The cost of a hostel is approximately 425 CZK or $19.50

The cost of a hotel around is 1695 CZK or $77

Berlin, Germany

Berlin being one of the historical places of the world due to its war front picture and also being one of the cheapest places to travel in europe.

Berlin is known as the city of art, artists, and museums. The Lion on the Ishtar Gate and other treasures from throughout the world are displayed in Berlin’s more than 170 museums. As the capital of Germany, Berlin has many art galleries and museums, and is impossible to visit all in a single trip to the city. Exciting, right? Berlin is a popular place for lovers and fans of classical music from every corner of the world, thanks to its leading orchestras, such as the globally famous Berlin Philharmonic. And there are a lot of theatre venues with various performances, theatrical entertainment, musical entertainment, and a lot more to ensure that each and everyone is entertained.

Being the capital of Germany and the country’s largest city, Berlin is also known for its politics, culture, media, and science. Well known for its cultural flair and artistry, Berlin’s various art activities encompass hundreds of art galleries, events, and museums, including Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Berlin is also known for its remarkable history. It is filled with places of significance from its many wars and conflicts, including the world war. A lot of it was destroyed during the war. Nevertheless, the city was built again, preserving its history as the foundation. Because of this, the list of many things to see in Berlin could be endless, and usually, one trip to this city is not enough. While being one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe, Berlin offers spectacular hospitality which would also direct you to stay further or plan on a second trip to the city.

General Tariffs

  • The cost of a hostel is approximately $23
  • The cost of a hotel around is $75

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Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary is also one of the cheapest places to travel in europe.

It is a must-visit for solo backpackers, for its exciting history and carefully planned architecture to its thermal waters and a nightlife that is second to none.

There’s a lot more about Hungarian food than Goulash. It has a lot of cuisines that make your taste buds salivate. Budapest ranks among the most photogenic cities in Europe. Budapest’s skyline is most famous for being seasoned with many 19th-century architectural wonders alongside the Danube River. Other landmarks of great value include the majestic riverside Parliament Building and a collection of highly impressive basilicas. Many middle-aged bridges connect the two sides of the city that make up its name: Buda and Pest. There are a lot of attractions like the Hungarian parliament building, Buda Castle, Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Heroes Square, and many places that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

General Tariffs

  • The cost of a hostel is approximately $16
  • The cost of a hotel around is around $60
  • Currency: Hungarian Forint, though many other places also accept Euros

Paris, France

city landscape art Paris is also a cheapest place to travel in europe.

The city of Paris is included on this list may come as a surprise to some. It’s quite acceptable to spend a considerable amount of money in (a country known for its Michelin star restaurants and luxurious luxury clothes stores). Still, it’s also very acceptable to see this incredible country on a tight budget. It just requires a little planning.

The Louvre Museum, the Palais de Tokyo, and numerous other attractions are open of the main attractions. Plan to travel to Paris on the first Sunday of the month. The Musée d’Orsay and the Centre Pompidou, two world-class museums, are open to the public for free.

Nowhere else on earth makes the heart in utmost admiration like the mention of Paris. The sight of Paris is heavenly. After checking out the magnificent art, well-thought-out architecture, and culture, there is nothing more disappointing than missing out on the cuisine. Food is an essential way of life of French culture. In 2010, UNESCO announced the French way of eating as an Intangible cultural heritage! Get ready to explore and make Paris your own. What an exciting time ahead in one of the heritage destinations of the world while being one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe.

General Tariffs

  • The cost of a hostel is approximately $44
  • The cost of a hotel around is $95
  • Currency: Euros

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Warsaw, Poland

city skyline sun urban in Warsaw.

Warsaw, Poland’s capital and largest city, is located in the western part of the country. As a bonus, it is also one of Europe’s most budget-friendly destinations. It is home to several monuments, historic structures, and archaeological sites, all of which may be found here in some form or another.

The Old Town Market Square houses were rebuilt in the magnificent appearance of their 15th-century style, and Warsaw is the perfect example of a dynamic European metropolis. Besides rich history, its trademarks are filled with open-minded residents, the River Vistula, and exceptional cuisine. These are spectacular reasons you need to travel to Poland and see for yourself.

The unique attribute of Warsaw is that it is a city that changes constantly. You discover new things on every visit to the town. And, trust us, you will always want to go back… You can check more Warsaw tourist attractions here.

General Tariffs:

  • The cost of a hostel is approximately $20
  • The cost of a hotel around is $79
  • Currency: Polish Złoty (PLN)

Istanbul, Turkey

Birds gluing above the cityscape of Istanbul.

It is blessed with a rich cultural experience. Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city and the country’s economic, historical and cultural center. You can explore its first-hand experiences by visiting and seeing it for yourself. Turkey’s artificial wonders and bustling bazaars are ideal for solo backpackers and travelers interested in a rich cultural experience without breaking the bank.

Istanbul is known for many top drawer attractions (and that’s a very lot). Do you want to ask about the food? I am excited to tell you that the city’s cuisine is as diverse as its heritage and too delicious to ignore. Foods like Meze, Pide, Cay (Turkish Tea), and so on are things you would want to try out when you visit. Locals in the city take their eating and drinking seriously.

The best times to travel to Istanbul are between March and May and September and November. April is particularly awesome because the poppies and tulips, which originated in Turkey, are in full bloom.

General Tariffs

  • The cost of a hostel is approximately $12
  • The cost of a hotel around is $72
  • Currency: Turkish Lira (TL)

Rome, Italy

cheapest place to travel in europe.

Italy is filled with a lot of mesmerizing and beautiful places to see. If Italy has always been on your European bucket list for years, there is no time to have that great escape like now! Rome, Italy is also one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe.

For as little as 16 euros a night, you can get a bed in a shared dorm in a major city like Rome, for example. You won’t want to waste any time sleeping when there are so many great and gorgeous things to see like the Vatican Museums. If you grow hungry during your trip, you can buy slices of pizza for 2-5 euros if you want to stop and eat them while you’re still on it. By the way, that’s not much.

General Tariffs

  • The cost of a hostel is approximately $19
  • The cost of a hotel around is $79
  • Currency: Euros


Beautiful city to visit in europe

Montenegro is a country located in the west Balkans at the southern end of the Dinaric Alps. The country is estimated to have a population of over just 620,200 as of 2021. Montenegro is a country still trying to find itself. So expect very cheap food prices and meaty local foods such as a meat-stuffed pie-like Burek; anything else will mean being sold at tourist prices. Most cities in Montenegro also host farmers’ markets on weekends — a great place to pick up some snacks or have a quick bite to eat for very cheap. It is a perfect place to have fun and bond with different people while being one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe.

General Tariffs

  • The cost of a hostel is approximately $19
  • The cost of a hotel around is $66
  • Currency: Euro

Porto, Portugal

Porto in Portugal is also a beautiful city to explore as a backpacker.

Porto is Portugal’s second-largest metropolis after Lisbon. The language spoken in Porto is Portuguese, but English is well spoken by all individuals who work within the tourist industry. So be rest assured, language will not be a barrier when trying to enjoy the city. One of the city’s main attractions is the 14th-century São Francisco church and the local port wine, primarily located across the river in Vila Nova de Gaia. Porto generally experiences a moderate climate that provides great conditions for exploring the city on foot. May, June, and September are ideal months to come since the weather is dry and blue, and the summer crowds are less concentrated.

General Tariffs

  • The cost of a hostel is approximately $17
  • The cost of a hotel around is roughly $99
  • Currency: Euro

Bratislava, Slovakia

Visually enriching Bratislava.

Being the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava is definitely the most expensive destination in the country. But even with that, you can keep your trip cheap by taking advantage of the numerous free things the city has to offer.

Bratislava is an excellent choice if you wish to avoid the summer crowds in Europe’s busiest cities. The city’s streets appear less congested, and nothing requires standing in line. It’s a beautiful feeling.

So, looking for a serene European city with a quieter experience? Bratislava is well worth the visit! Despite being the country’s capital, Bratislava is not that big and can be easily toured on foot. Most of their attractions are located around the Old Town center area. If you’re planning on traveling outside of the city, trains and buses are both convenient and reasonably priced options.

General Tariffs:

  • The cost of a hostel is approximately $20
  • The cost of a hotel around is roughly $72
  • Currency: Euro

There are more to the list, like Greece and others, which are now cheaper places for solo backpackers, travelers, and digital nomads. These amazing and cheapest places to travel in Europe will give you a budget-friendly approach, and if you’re new to the world of traveling, these places have a lot to teach concerning money management. You can also travel with partners and friends and have fun with them without having to spend all your life savings. But now that you know you can travel to many places in Europe on a cheap budget, you will have to face the most challenging task: Deciding where to go!