Top 10 Best Treks In North India

best treks in india

Geographically, India has a wide variety of mountain ranges, making it home to some Best trekking places destinations for all kinds of trekkers. Best Trekking places for beginners in India have many treks belonging to the north region of India. Still, I have presented a combination of easy, moderate, and difficult treks in North India.

Specifically, North India is very famous among trekkers for its breathtaking natural beauty and also pilgrimage treks. Many of them have cultural importance. Some also have ancient significance, which one must not skip while planning a trek.

Kedarnath trek 

Kedarnath Trek

Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand has this ancient Shiva temple. Which is one of the major Char Dhams situated at an altitude of 3586 m.

It is at a stretch of 16 km from the starting point from Gauri Kund to the main temple covering locations like jungle Chatti, Bheem Bali, Linchauli, Kedarnath base camp, and reaching Kedarnath temple.

When you travel to Kedarnath, you need to take a detailed report of your health, get done with every test, and then only you can visit the place.

But a must-visit place.

Valley of flowers

valley of flowers, Uttarakhand. best treks of north india

Himalayan area of Uttarakhand has this pretty place, which specifies all with the name ‘a trek to flowers’. It is one of the top trekking places in India because of its exotic and rare to find flora.

Not just that, but the trek is no less than a trill. You will find, Pushpawati river, dense forest, exciting waterfalls, even bridges and glaciers on the way, like a small pack of every amusing feature of a trek for a traveller.

You can visit this place every year from June to October, and it is a distance of about 10 km.

For Photographers, biologists, bird lovers, trekkers, this can be a perfect destination.

Indrahar trek

man feeling the nature up in the mountain. best treks in North India

What makes the best trekking place in India for beginners?

This trek has got it all; it is a comparatively moderate trek with valleys, caves and lakes on the way. Situated in the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas between two districts of Himachal Pradesh named Kangra and Chamba, respectively.

Travellers can visit this place between May to October.

It is a total of 35km but has amazing locations to stop and can be a 10-day trek.

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Chadar trek

best treks in North India

Aimed at the beautiful altitude of Leh, India, this can be a challenging trek for beginners.

Despite the insane cold conditions, it is one of the best trekking places in India.

It attracts more and more trekkers each passing year, with rock caves and frozen river treks as the main attractions.

It can be a 10-day trek approximately and covers a 62 km distance.

Roopkund trek

beautiful treks in india

Many trekkers move to places to explore the unrevealed aspects of a place. This place is on the list of best places for trekking in India because of its beauty of glacial mountains and a frozen lake, making it even more beautiful in the rainy season.

Alpine meadows are part of major attractions for tourists.

Not just the beauty of nature here but many mythological stories are attached to this place.

Pahari culture and stories await you here, which adds a unique aspect to this trek and makes it into India’s list of best trekking places.

This trek is super steep at certain places, so a trained trekker should give it a try.

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Markha valley trek

North Indian treks

It is a moderate level trek starting from the Zingchen, Ladakh, to travel to the amazing cultures as you pass by the villages, the rock structures, and amazing covering a height of 3000 m.

What you should not miss while you visit the top trekking places in India are the temples, ruined forts that explain a lot about the place and its existing culture.

From July to mid-September, if a traveller gets the perfect climate, it may allow you to see the amazing K2 mountain.

Hampta pass trek

best treks

This is approximately a 35 km trek which may take around 5 days to complete. There is a small village in Kullu valley, Kashmir, where the trek starts. This trekking journey ends at another popular trek place, Spiti valley, and Chatru place. Altitude up to 4400m is the highest one must consider for almost all the best trekking places in India. This trek makes the walk on snow sheets, intense forest areas, and water streams with pure water. This trek is a DRAMA. It takes to every beautiful variation you would want to experience as a trekker.

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Stok kangri trek

Stok Kangri Trek

This is a next-level trek in the category of challenging treks in India. It is one of the highest summits which can be climbed by trekkers. It takes you around an altitude of 6200m, But if you are a trekker, it is all worth it. In the end, when you reach the pretty summit, the view of the Himalayas can make it a lifetime memory of the green meadows at the start and snow-covered mountains towards the end. This trek begins at Stok and takes about 19-20 days to complete. The best time to visit will be from July to September.

Spiti valley trek

best treks in north india. Spiti Valley Trek

This trek of about 57 km approximately covers a beautiful road trip in the Himalayas while you reach. The altitude is around 4270m, but the weather cannot be predicted here. Hence, it is always better to keep essentials for every possible climate. The valley has pin valley national park, which has a wide range of flora and fauna. If you are lucky, you may also spot snow leopards and Himalayan wolves. The best time to trek here can be towards May end, and October, and the temperature vary from 18- 25 degrees in summers, and winters can be harsh here.

Har ki dun trek

har ki dun trek, best treks in North India

“Har Ki Dun” or “Har Ki Doon is the ‘WALK TO THE HEAVEN’. It is specifically included amongst India’s best 10 trekking places because of its rich ancient relevance. The epic of Mahabharata explains the importance of this trek as the Pandavas trek to heaven from here, also called the valley of gods. In detail, it is said that this place has people who worship Duryodhana and Pandavas. At the same time, the trek could not make it to heaven except Yudhishthira, who also had to lose a finger while walking towards heaven.  

Locals have so many stories about the trek that a traveller will get so much to take from here and not just the nature and memories but stories and culture. 

This trek could take 8 days and is a moderate level of a trek, with an altitude of 11,811 ft.

What you should not miss while you visit this trek is a nearby Ruinsara Tal trek which covers beautiful lakes and is an amazing trek of all sorts.

best treks in North India

What you take from a trek is a lot of stories, memories, and extraordinary natural beauty. Besides this, you also take some part of the local culture and life lessons many times. 

So I made you a perfect list to cover all this while you are on the move and are planning for going on a Himalayan trek. Apart from these, there are many other treks in North India, in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Leh & Ladakh, and Uttarakhand that you can enjoy as a beginner.

If you’re planning a trek to northern India, this list is a must-save for you. 

Until we cover all trekking places in India.

Adios travellers!!