5 Tips To Start A Perfect Digital Nomad Lifestyle

digital nomad lifestyle

Suppose you read and watch a lot about how unique the digital nomad lifestyle is and often keep speculating to make your own. Here are some insights you need to consider while planning your next unconventional trip or live a life of a digital nomad.

Just like you get all your things in place before you cook a meal, or at least check you have essentials with you in the kitchen while planning to take up a nomadic lifestyle, this list will act as an essential for you.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Although it always starts with a wish, it needs a road to pass.

Customise your plan while keeping these things in mind for a perfect digital nomad lifestyle.

woman sitting on chair while using laptop, digital nomad lifestyle

Have/Acquire A Skill

Starting with new places each time can get effortless if you have skills that aren’t restricted to one region and have the liberty to be anywhere. Why do I say this? It is because skills can help you camouflage with the new people around or start a conversation which I feel is vital to understand the culture and life of people while travelling.

For example, if I like cooking, which is a universal skill of course, and goes anywhere in the world, I can quickly get away with the locals to understand their style of cuisine and improve my skill with the help of people around. So then I speak the food language with them!

Just like this, if you are an artist and admire art in any form, you can speak the art language!

This is a 101 skill that works every time.

There is a scattered listing which you should also try to learn, when you decide to travel you must be an excellent backpacker.

You must also know about bikepacking.

What is a must-have skill? OBSERVE, keep observing and listening more to the place; you will eventually know what the place can offer you.

two men preparing food

Efficient Income Planning

When you earn money in different countries or states, you must save because you tend to spend more when you start from scratch in each location.

Having money management ideas is very handy in these scenarios.

Most you can do is – do not spend on unnecessary luxury and learn some finance tips to avoid any hustle.

counting money as a digital nomad

How to earn money? The digital way!

When thinking about digital nomads, what is very clear is they earn through online platforms or work remotely. So, when you decide to plan a digital nomad lifestyle, figure a source of income that you will have to sustain your travel, stays, food and other necessities.

For example, trading, making vlogs, online teaching etc., might help you uphold your money game; there are many digital nomad jobs available on the internet.

work from anywhere is a digital nomad lifestyle
  • Sell physical products online without carrying inventory.
  • Writing: Create content for other brands trading time for money.
  • Blogging : Build your own content asset and monetize through ads, coaching, information products.
  • Affiliate Marketing : Drive traffic to other brands’ products and make a commission.
  • Design Websites : Sell website themes or modify websites for bloggers, store owners, etc.
  • Ecommerce : You can help eCommerce store owners with their tasks
  • Photography : You can take pictures of products in landscapes around the world.
  • Virtual Assistant : You can virtually help an idividual or a company or a startup as an assitant.
  • Graphic Designer : You can leverage the skillset in creating graphic content like logo, banner, etc.

Get a skill you think suits you more!

How to earn money? Not the digital way!

You could use the physical skills we mentioned, like cook for people and let the time be yours. If you are a more social person, you might enjoy this method of earning. You could become a bartender, or a teacher or a doctor. There are many other physical ways to earn money while being a nomad.

Get a bucket list

Before you start a journey, plan a bit of it in a digital nomad style.

You can plan an itinerary you want to cover in the coming months so that you never run out of motivation when you start your journey.

bucket list ideas for digital nomads

Your bucket list might look like this…

  • Surfing at the beach (Sept)
  • Quad biking in Barcelona
  • Cook a woodfire pizza in Italy
  • Plant a tree in India
  • Trekking to the top of the Alps

This could also be a shopping list as well. Never leave your essence.

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Planning broadly Is Better

Get a list of cities you can visit next, maybe the four nearest ones.

For example, if you are currently in San Diego and you can quickly move to Mexico. The physical distance is less.

Always have a little knowledge about the next city you move to. It gives you a heads up on what you can plan there.

Fitness is a must

Staying fit and maintaining a lifestyle that isn’t stagnant is difficult. But never give up thriving for it.

Get some easy go exercise stuff packed up with you, such as resistance bands.

Or keep 30 min of your day for a short workout.

Everyone has a different body type. Know all your weaknesses and strengths before you start your solo journey.

jogging is a part of digital nomad lifestyle


Some people are born with a natural affinity for nomadic living. Some people grow tired of life and desire constant adventure and exposure, which is perfectly fine when beginning a digital nomad lifestyle.

But we know humans are social animals and tend to live in groups. So not having your clan with you might affect you initially, which is a pressurised situation for your mind.

Along with your body, a healthy mind keeps you moving.

meditate on a hill top

Meditating for a while will help you have stability in your life and truly enjoy your journey.

Never skip this step.

You may also join a nomadic travel community, and that will keep you going.

Be a water stream

If you are starting a nomadic lifestyle, always ensure that this is your passion.

You have an extreme fondness for this life. If you want, you can quit at any moment and stay.

digital nomad lifestyle

But being a water stream means never losing faith that things change, that things get more manageable at times, and similarly, difficult situations also arise from time to time.

Live the flow life has to offer you; it is so essential in this zone.

You can start preparing by reading about experienced digital nomads and their journeys.

It will be largely fluctuating, like for some days you will be living on a treehouse house with a humid climate, sometimes on skyscrapers during midweek days, and you might end up on a beach on weekends.

The food, climate, and everything will vary broadly; what will remain in solitary is you and your desire to be there.

Let your curiosity in life live long!!!

Adios travellers!!