Four Best Countries For Digital Nomads To Live

best countries for digital nomads to live

Nomads are amazing people who set a trend for the world to start living their life in an amazing way. They have an extreme passion for travelling as we all know. Here we list down the four best countries for digital nomads to live in.

What are the checkpoints digital nomads use before they select a country?

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If you spend hours thinking -Where can I live if I work remotely? Here is what you should consider before you finalize your list of perfect places.

The Cost

No matter how much you earn but everyone always checks for a place to be cost-effective, all that you pay must be worth your price.

The experience

When a nomad decides to work remotely it is all about the life experience they want to earn in life. On the basis of amusement activities including the culture, food, nature and thrills a place provides.

The security status of places also matters when travelling alone, the crime rate of a country must be also taken care of.

The work-chill places

Digital nomads spend most of their time with the screens they are working on; that’s why a nice place should also have comfortable work-chill places such as cafes and restaurants.

The internet

You just cannot miss out on this one, specifically unlike the traditional nomadic life, digital nomads include a large group of people working as a writer, blogger, vlogger and more than a hundred job profiles. But all the work is on the internet, which keeps them connected.

A place with efficient broadband best suits this traveller.

The healthcare

What adds to this list are the healthcare services of a country, during this current pandemic phase it is so important to check for the healthcare facilities a country offers you also how economical they are to you.

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About the People who love to live, but where do they live?

 Listing the Best places to live for digital nomads to live in 2021 we got a list of four countries with the best places they have to offer where most of the digital nomads can live.



What is not famous about this place?? It has got everything a digital nomad would want and live for. It is famous for its food, nightlife and what not.

Four best countries for Digital Nomads to live - Spain

Nomads can also be attracted to this place for its 2000-year-old culture from literature to Gaudi artwork. It is amazing.

Due to its moderate to cool and sunny summer beaches here can be enjoyed all time of the year. It is structured in a beautiful way with a lot of cosy places to get along at work as well along with good wifi in the city.

But it has a high cost of living. You need to plan well to be there.


One of the bigger parts of the Canary Islands, this is one of the most famous places for digital nomads. It has got a dry climate which is much suitable for work. With many attractions such as mount Teide and the city of la laguna.

Four Best Countries For Digital Nomads To Live - Tenerife

This place has got a great wifi network and chain of co-working places. Even the place is not high at cost and gets you thrilled with the fun activities it has for all ages.


Chiang mai

This complete place is a world heritage site no less than a paradise here. It has got a lot to offer for digital nomads from an equipped city to ancient temples and forests in a single place. I personally feel tourists have not yet identified the potential of this city.

What is exciting about this place for digital nomads is the cost !!! It can be considered one among the very cheap cities in Asia apart from this co-working places of almost every size can be found here. This city is perfect for a newbie digital nomad.

Koh lanta

One fun city on this list is Koh Lanta. According to the current stats, this city is less crowded than other famous cities for nomading and still it has affordable prices for everything from renting places to bikes. Plenty of coworking spaces are also available.

Four Best Countries for digital nomads to live

The weather is okay but it is good if you come from a country with less sun.. coz summers here can be tough.

Koh chang

Here comes a city for digital nomads who love nature to enjoy the greens and not a typically developed city luxury. This city has negligible co-working spaces but wifi works great here.

The temperature and climate can suit anyone. This city gives more RAW vibes.



The city has always been attractive for remote workers and digital nomads. No list can skip this city!

The city is a hotspot for startups that attracts a lot of digital nomads. Also, accommodation and food can be just fine and not a burden when we go for local stuff. It is one of the cheapest to live in all the best countries for digital nomads to live in.

You can just go expecting everything here, a list by THE NEW YORK TIMES has ranked Mexico to be the best city for digital nomads.

So, packing all your bags and reaching here won’t be a problem.

Payala carmen

If you love food, and you like places with rich food culture then I have this treat for you.

This city is best for foodie Digital nomads to savour their taste buds.

A small place in Mexico but good with travel expenses and can cost you less for delicious food.

But I should also include the shortcomings which include less wifi connectivity which you are away from workspaces.

It is a beach city that can be easily reached if you are living in the USA which takes us to the next set of places.



Heaven. What else can I start with?

Most beautiful set of islands that are gaining a lot of popularity in the digital nomadic groups.

But every island is not fully developed for digital nomads in terms of wifi availability in small islands. Specifically mentioning O’ahu can be an amazing place for coworking spaces and hubs also with the connectivity of wifi.

What really caught my attention in the place were the treehouse coworking spaces which can be a new experience and many of us might love to work there. Various varieties like sandbox coworking space can also attract digital nomads here.

Including food, it has developed a unique unusual way of cooking that are underground ovens which make Hawaii-food be extra delicious.

San Diego

It has a lot of add-ons and benefits than others in this list. San Diego works for 24 hours which is best for digital nomads who love working at night as well. Lots and lots of networking places and coworking spaces. Bars and coffee shops give a cosy feel so you still choose to work anywhere you want.

Travel can be easy as e-bikes are easily accessible for a tour to nature and places. If you like frequent travelling then this place is located near Mexico and a few more amazing digital nomadic destinations. 

Also, the beach beauty this city has is kinda unmatched…

The best place to live for digital nomads is a big plate for a single blog. There will be more countries in the future editions that succeed these current best countries for digital nomads to live.

I have tried to include destinations for every possible type of digital nomad. 

Until we come with the next set of countries. 

Keep searching for your next travel destination!!! 

Adios travellers!!