Top 10 Beaches For Backpackers In India

top 10 beaches for backpackers in india

No matter where you’re visiting for the first time or the tenth time, you will want to explore the beaches that are not right in the middle of the chaos of everyday life.
There are all kinds of shores, some sandy, some powdery, some rocky and some grainy, in India’s long coastline of 8,000km. Indian backpackers would have toured numerous of the country’s known beaches. In addition, we included the lesser-known beaches for backpackers in India. Using any of our choices, roll out a towel on the chosen surface.

Offbeat Beaches For Backpackers in india

Minicoy Island Beach

beaches for backpackers in india
Picture Courtesy: Lakshadweep Adventures

It is located in Lakshadweep. The brackish lagoon in the middle features a gorgeous beach that extends between the ocean and the lagoon. For two kilometres or more, the depth of the water reaches four feet. This makes it ideal for backpackers and travellers, as the water is inviting and relatively unexplored.
Those beautiful views from the lighthouse are something to behold. The secluded location provides a much-needed escape from the commercialised beaches of India.

Chandipur Beach

Have you ever heard of sea receding 5kms? This beach in Chandipur, Odisha, enables vacationers to see a phenomenon like this. As the water levels decrease, this region turns into a biodiversity zone. For example, the ghost red crabs can be found crawling around in the golden sand.

Mandarmani Beach

Mandarmani Sea Beach an offbeat beach for backpackers in india
Picture Courtesy:

This beach is frequented by those who prefer a backpacking trip to West Bengal, situated in the Bay of Bengal. Mandarmani Sea Beach, a hidden and lesser-known beach on the eastern side of India, offers beautiful sunsets and a tranquil environment free of crowds. Crabs found along the shore are popularly known as “red crabs.” One of those beaches where you can drive your vehicles is located on this shore.

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach, Goa
Picture Courtesy:

Away from the loud party vibes of Goa’s marketed beaches lies this secret beach, which keeps you completely isolated. Beachgoers have the opportunity to observe thousands of butterflies in this habitat. To reach, you can take a ferry from any of the beaches in Goa and it is my personal favourite of all the beaches for backpackers in India.

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Marari Beach

Marari Secret Beach
Picture Courtesy: CupofTJ

It would be best if you visited Marari Beach when you’re travelling in Kerala during winters. It is the home of a small community and is a limited tourist place. Travellers learn about the local culture as a pass time and roam around freely. It is a heaven for lovers of the great outdoors.

Kappad Beach

Kappad Beach Picture
Picture Courtesy: Kerala Tourism

This beach connects Kappad Beach Explorers with their shared history. Vasco da Gama discovered this jagged, rock-studded beach. Wandering through the golden sand and then listening to the waves as they sing takes digital nomads and backpackers into an awe-inspiring state of mind.

St. Mary’s Island Beach

View of St. Mary's Island Beach
Picture Courtesy: Pick Your Trail

It’s a beautiful secret for those who enjoy beaches. In addition to being blessed with nature’s beauty, this beach features pieces of basalt rock on the shore. Accidentally, the hexagonal shapes of these rocks make them a scarce geological specimen.

Guhagar Beach

Picture of tress and beach of Guhagar
Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia

Despite its fame, this beach in India is underappreciated. It grants you time to reflect on your soul while you’re enjoying the stunning views of the sunset and while scouring the beach for seashells. As a pristine beach and hardly visited, you will have little chance of being noticed. It is also the first textured white sand beach on the Konkan coast.

Astaranga Beach

Sunset at beach Astaranga in Odisha
Picture Courtesy: Oceano Tavern

Colourful sunset is a well-known feature of the beach. This beach is situated in the Bay of Bengal, in the coastal region of Odisha, and it is surrounded by scenic surroundings that reflect the setting sun. Olive Ridley turtles come to Astaranga Beach to lay their eggs, and you can see the process in the winters.

Henry’s Island Beach

Picture of a boat at Henry's Island
Picture Courtesy: Oyo Rooms

It is an excellent place for adventurous backpackers who prefer locations that have not been visited and are disconnected from modern civilisation. While it is accessible to visitors throughout the year, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in West Bengal. You can experience happiness no matter what, regardless of whether you are travelling alone.

There are plenty of secret treasures to discover in India, including breathtaking beaches. These top 10 beaches for backpackers in India are sparsely visited making them perfect offbeat beaches for backpackers.